Compassion ignites when confronted with crisis
Love navigates us through fear and anxiety
Awareness abounds as we utilize this sacred pause
Responsibility is vital for ours and others well being
Insight arises from that honest conversation with our selves
Transcending old habits and materialistic ways
YOU can do this, Yes Open to Unity

an acrostic linked to Friday Fun


  1. I so wish the cynics and critics would read this and believe in it rather than complaining about not being done enough to evade and control the crisis, which even they can help containing. Agreed someone needs to be there to show the mirror to the government who aren’t, they opine, not doing enough but compassion and love can work wonders.

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  2. “Insight arises from that honest conversation with our selves”

    This is really true kate…honest conversation with ourselves and with our love ones..this is the time when the words we say really do matter..

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  3. I don’t always ask my elder neighbor why he wants what he wants – I just make myself available to him. I could not do a particular banking errand for him so briefly he got to get out of his home, into my car, to the drive up bank window and back home the other day… We can only do what we can. Sometimes the reasons aren’t necessary. Just knowing that we are there for him… can be enough.

    While I do not belong to my ‘computerized’ neighborhood group… I saw a mom and daughter on a walk the other day and told them I’d put some things in my windows for them to ‘hunt’.

    There’s a book I think called ‘Going on a bear hunt’ and some clever folks have turned the idea into an activity for children to do with their parents on walks – to spot Teddy Bears in the window. Just to bring a smile… I did read though if you don’t have any Teddy Bears that you could put other things for children to find. I don’t do FB… but I think there was some way to keep track. So next week I’ll change what’s in the windows… ๐Ÿ™‚ And maybe alert a few more of the neighbor children.

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