closure begats closeness

as the worldly craziness closes down
I’m drawn even closer to nature

as materialism and busyness close
I pray common sense will prevail

as we negotiate our new normal
I pray it brings us closer, more informal

opening our hearts and minds in unity!

d’Verse, closed, De Jackson – sunrise this morning!


  1. Yes Kate, I understand your thoughts so well…. I’ve been writing lots of poems about the situation over the past weeks….. and I’ve found my poems are changing from pandemic awareness poems, into awareness of nature and my surroundings…. which has been an interesting turn around of thoughts for me…..


  2. Yes I completely agree with your inspiring words, Kate and let us all sit in silence and reflect what is going on in our World and pray that all will be good and we can live with peace and harmony once more. The picture is divine.

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  3. We are drawing closer to the inner reality and roots, nature holding us. We had to stop running and nature knows how! An amazing reflection through your poetry tapping silence and the gentle.

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      • Yes, it is unfortunate, very much. Even in India the pandemic has taken a religious turn because a place of worship became an epicentre and now the opportunists are taking cruel advantage of this situation. It surprises me how can we continue dividing when all we need is to stand united.

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