at dawn the Galahs and Lorikeets fly over
Mr and Mrs Magpie strut amongst the clover
proud hunters ingesting anything that moved
until Mr and Mrs Raven ensure they are removed

the black Cockatoos peck out the top of the banksia
but funniest is Wagtail who bosses the Sparrows
about, chases the entire family off
so intent he forgets to eat his treats

while the bunnies patiently wait
until all birds have retired to their nests
before venturing out to calmly graze
ready to hop away if they feel my gaze

all synchronised to the oceanic orchestra
of waves relentlessly pounding the sand
of tides washing endlessly in and out
the sun shines while the wind howls about

life continues in my front yard
without need to be on guard
constant entertainment
while I’m in containment