Friday Fun – clarity

with most of industry closed down and public and private transport at a standstill
our air is cleaner, our sky clearer, we have the time to enjoy nature and wildlife ..

what does ‘clarity’ mean for you now?
use photography or creative writing, poetry or prose
to share what has become clearer for you

post it on your blog and then link it back here and read some others …


  1. Cool.
    I would be happy if the future planning regarding COVID -19 is little more clear to us but at the same time it is a difficult situation for even the government to say anything very firm.
    Take care dear Kate.

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  2. Clarity is I think the knowing,
    The true knowing
    The trust
    In yourself and the universe
    The tuning in
    To your consciousness
    Letting it guide you
    Because you know you know
    That it’ll never lead you astray
    Will take you further always.

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  3. This is so ponderful…wonderful plus makes me ponder in good ways. 🙂

    Some things are very clear these days, others not so clear.

    But, I always find clarity in communing with nature.

    I remember a quote…but not who said it…something about clarity drowning out the noise and chaos and giving us the opportunity to really feel and not just think. 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 😉

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    • resonates with me Carolyn .. meditating in India sure does that, even in the Himalayas the press of humanity abounds … but things simplify, you know you don’t need the artificial trappings and so contentment deepens 🙂

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  4. clarity for me : the relationships that matter and identifying the fakes, weeding out the unnecessary baggage, both physically and metaphorically and appreciating the present like never before

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