a life review?

As we adapt to our new normal we are also afforded the luxury of time to reflect and review on what matters most to us … and frankly reviewing these topics could be a healthy distraction if you are feeling the tension.

To maintain your Well-Being check out your diet; are your exercising enough; are you sleeping restfully and deeply; what stress reduction techniques do you use; and how do you care for your mental and emotional well-being … less news is a good start!

Then contemplate your current lifestyle or where you’d prefer to be … review your housing; location; employment and education options. Are you living as sustainably as you’d like ..

Now set some goals for where you’d like to be in five years time. List out the steps you need to take to make some timely changes to your life.

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  1. Always good to have a short range and long range plan. Sparky and I have had several 5-year plans that always made it easier to keep on track. I am really hankering for some restaurant food. We have a local spot – Taste of Asia that has the best Pad See Ew and Panang Curry… *sigh* I wanted Olive Garden zuppa toscana so I made it myself – it was good and tasted nearly as good even if I only had milk instead of cream for the recipe!
    We went for 2 long walks today so I got my steps in…

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  2. I just keep hoping that these times will pass away soon. I stopped watching the news because it was starting to get depressing. What keeps me alive are YouTube videos!🌸 I hope you’re doing fine too.


  3. Excellent, SweetKate!
    I’ve always tried to keep a good balancing of making the most of today, living for today, appreciating today AND, also, making plans and goals for the future. If I get to the future, then Yippee and YAY, and if I don’t, then today was a GREAT last day! 🙂
    That photo makes me sigh a good SIGH!
    (((HUGS))) and ❤ 🙂

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  4. the feeling intensifies when we see everyone doing the same worrying. the news is important for info and I will watch one segment from our Health Ministry that informs us of statistics and new developments as well as instructions, and that’s it. I use the rest of my time, and encourage the kids to do the same, by doing useful things, even de-cluttering! good post Kate and enjoyed reading your other readers responses

    … your words are both the calm and the inspiration

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  5. Where would I like to be in 5 years time? Perhaps on some private beach in the West Indies with an adoring and naked Elle Macpherson (even though she’s getting a bit past it) gazing lovingly into my eyes as the sun sets over the palm trees?
    But, failing that, I’ll settle for just breathing unassisted on planet earth.

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  6. Wise advice, Kate.

    Lately, I’ve paid little mind to those who marinate themselves in virus coverage and who obsess over “the latest.” Not much of a sacrifice, to be honest, as those souls didn’t have an outsize influence before this happened, and are unlikely to loom after we’re clear, either.

    Sure, the pandemic has effected me considerably, not only the daily routine, of course, but also the vacation next month I had to cancel. Well, next month is out, but next year beckons still. In addition to reading, cooking, gardening, blogging, phoning friends, listening to music, and helping my mother, I spend time too, revising plans for the trip. A pleasant diversion, as an additional year’s savings provides more options.

    Those are my tactics, at least – be careful, but also tune out those who insist on hyperventilating. Stay safe, while not ignoring the future that’s sure to be here someday.

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  7. I think that you can’t calmly experience anxieties about health care. There are many things missing in hospitals.


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