Need a really deep belly laugh … then please click on here to listen to Sammy J’s The Ballard of Dunny Roll or google it … then top it off with Corona Yoga!

This Australian comedian really is super witty and I’m sure everyone will enjoy the Ballard which is a take off of one of our favourites.  The Yoga is more specifically Australian where our PM says he will but doesn’t close down our schools.  Believe me they really are hilarious.

But if you need a good cry, which many do and that’s ok, then you have two choices … “You can’t ask that”, “Kill Someone” … this will break your heart! Or again on ABC Iview is a series of three very sad indictments on how the catholic Church and their priests are still avoiding any responsibility or reconciliation for the many young children they violated from the sanctity of their positions! It starts in Australia but looks closer at Ireland and other countries.  

If you are a practising RC then I strongly suggest that you don’t watch this as it beggars everything we are taught about caring for the vulnerable and ‘duty of care’ …