fairy dust #couplets

yesterday was blissful bubbles
for all your woeful troubles

today I’m sending glittery fairy dust
to lead you lightly thru this rust

crimson orange or deep red
burn that angst outta your head

find things to inspire your passion
spark your interest, change your fashion

ponder points
set your goals

distract yourself
best for our health

we have clean sharp air
pollution now more rare

please take my sparkly fairy dust
for love and humour are a must

d’Verse, red, Sarah – sunrise this morning! WP will not allow me to align this …


  1. Who doesn’t like fairy-tale dust. Today, especially needed in these difficult times. To join this clear and wise thinking would be wonderful. Regards

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  2. Sparkly fairy dust received kate..it made me smile…it brings back childhood memories of fun, of fairy tales or make believes…

    Thank you for this lovely gift kate🤗🤗🤗

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  3. Oh wow, fairy dust brings back happy memories for me……Thank you for jolting my memories, thy are lovely to read again…xx

    Really Real 

    I’m hazily awakening, from my afternoon slumber
    Hearing a summer thunderstorm pounding
    Wet fat drops splattering the ground
    Greening the fields of Bensalem
    Eyes curiously opening, I’m drifting
    Floating upon a mystical cloud
    In a magical mist, where faeries live
    Happily dancing and prancing above my head
    Gently fluttering on the edges of my cosmo
    Sprinkling my body with stardust, and blowing me kisses
    And granting my real dreams, reality wishes

    Dragons And Faeries
    My dragon flew me to New York
    His scaly tail was singed
    By the stoic statue’s torch
    As we were landing, upon Central Park
    And in the city’s mystical forest I stood
    Amongst strawberry fields and woods
    Atop the plaque of my dreams
    I imagined, how life should’ve been
    My naked soul, a vision unseen
    I have a dream, like John’s world
    Togetherness, love pristine
    The apple uneaten
    And the snake shyly beaten
    I see peace, within evil’s tiredness
    Burnt-out flames, of the devil’s nakedness
    Leaving us life’s, leftover ashes
    Then the peace dove shall arise from the ruins
    And the lost faeries, will return as humans

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