a journey ..

I wrote out my life story, the history and background BUT … It felt too self-absorbed, not right!

At this time of global pandemic and all it entails writing about me, a mere temporary speck seems so wrong. But here is a link to one of my earliest poems… wrote it to record a vastly different life, a stepping stone to where I am now. A faded memory of a life long past as going with the current flow works better for me.

A life well travelled

Sustainable living now

Life with no regrets

d’Verse, snap-shots of our life, Kim …
to know more about me read my posts and the conversations that follow,
that will give you a more honest insight


  1. I think that sustainable living is a foreign concept to many. Having grown up in a rural community I am all for having people getting more in touch with where and how food comes to the table… A lot less waste when you have “sweat equity” in the food!

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    • wise idea Val, having lived in India for years food wastage is abhorrent to me in every way. But then I’ve always been second hand rose and don’t see any real value in the material world except to provide me with a few basic needs …


  2. You do know right that you are an inspiration to so many of us here and I think I speak for everyone when I say that we would look forward to reading about your life!

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  3. Actually, Kate, writing about yourself is so right. Else, why are we here, other than to explore the various things you’ve learned? Plus, it’s a welcome relief from the all-virus-all-the-time monotony with its boot planted firmly on our throats.

    Also, the verses you penned way back when still apply today, don’t they? The “(s)ustainable” and “no regrets” parts, obviously, but “well traveled” also is relevant now.

    Maybe your journeys are more yesterday than tomorrow, but you still draw from the experiences, correct? They still make you the person you are, and the person you share with the rest of us.

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    • exactly why I documented them Keith 🙂

      Did you click on the link to my travel story … wonder if it’s working coz nobody seems to have read it …


  4. I can understand what you mean, Kate, when you say that writing about yourself at such a difficult time seems wrong, but you’re also sharing some of yourself with others, giving us something else to think about. Thank you for sharing your journey, your annotated world map, and haiku of no regrets.


    • thanks for understanding Kim, guess I seldom write directly about me … but my posts tell the story of travels, breast cancer, living off grid in my tiny home .. no secrets 🙂

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  5. I love that life IS a journey and, oh, we learn so much from the people we meet along the way! And then we have the added joy of nature that keeps us company, sustains us, cheers us, and so much more!
    That photo is so peaceful and makes me smile!
    (((HUGS))) and ❤

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  6. Yes, you/we are a temporary speck, and the wonder of it all, you are the unique snowflake, unlike any other, and worthy of introspection and reinforcement.

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  7. We worked at getting my raised garden ready for planting. We have to wait for our frost free day toward the end of April… But maybe I can try some extra herbs to start.

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