covid facts

If you’re sick of hearing/reading about it I understand. But this seems to be a fair summary of how to avoid it.

Dr. David Price, Perth, is a critical care pulmonologist.

Bottom line: COVID-19 is becoming better understood.
If you practice good hand cleanliness procedures and distancing,
you have nothing to worry about.

• Hand to face is the critical path. Spray, rarely.

• Get into the habit of knowing where your hands are and be sure they are clean. (sanitizer)

• Wear a mask, not to protect you, but simply to avoid hand to face contact.

• You don’t need an N-95 mask. Anything will do. Give N-97 to your local hospital.

• Carry sanitizer with you when you go out.

• Be friendly and social, just stay 6′ away.

• Shrink your social circle. You don’t want to be in large groups.

• Go to the hospital only if you are short of breath. Headache, fever, muscle ache, cough – stay home.

• Course of the disease is 7 -14 days. Immunity then follows.

If you follow the simple rules, you will not get COVID-19. This should be liberating.


  1. I already knew most of this, but I appreciate the reinforcement.
    I ‘ve found that the most “critical” part is also the hardest part (for me, anyway) — avoiding hand contact to the face, because one usually does it without even thinking about it. Wearing a mask for that purpose is an excellent tip.

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      • Speaking of wearing gloves, I wear disposable vinyl gloves when I shop for groceries. When you get home, they can be thrown away or set aside for at least 3 days (the amount of time the coronavirus can last on plastic, according to the experts) and used again.

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  2. Thanks a million, Kate! I nearly didn’t click on this entry, as I have unmistakable signs of Covid-Hyperventilation-Fatigue, yet I’m glad I did. Valuable advice, organized with an admirable directness.

    Good information and a good attitude will see us through this.

    Nature’s doing its part, giving us a glorious spring weekend. I hope this description isn’t too gratuitous to those of you in the southern hemisphere (and I do love early autumn too, by the way), yet the appeal is irresistible.

    Temperatures reached 20 (C) yesterday, with plenty of sunshine. Daffodils and crocuses have burst into riotous colors, and the summer birds have returned with their cheerful boisterousness. Today, the occasional stiff breeze sends aloft swirls of flowering-tree petals.

    A wonderful diversion from the pervasive panic, and my efforts at, “Can we please read about something else for a little while?”

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    • I totally understand why many wont click on this title but I had to pass on such succinct info that might ease the anxiety of some 🙂

      I have a sunny warm autumn day, remember there are only a few south mountainous places that get snow fall in oz. We enjoy a temperate climate altho I am too far south come winter 🙂 Let’s hope we’re allowed to return home before that 🙂

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  3. Man, the opening line brought me a sense of relief in itself: “Bottom line: COVID-19 is becoming better understood.” Better understood! I’ll take it! The more we know, the better we’ll do 🙂 Some great practical advice here, thanks so much for sharing and I hope you are well.

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  4. Knowledge and facts can quell ignorance and misinformation and fear, etc.
    (((HUGS))) and ❤ 🙂
    PS…we are still living life with abandon**…just doing it indoors, in the backyard, in nature, and on walks late night or early morning, sans other people. 🙂

    **Living life with abandon doesn't mean living recklessly but rather deciding that no matter what comes your way you are going to enjoy everything and you are going to make the best of what is going on around you.

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    • thanks for adding your wisdom Carolyn, yes we are still living, not in a war zone, no bombs or bullets flying … most of will survive this, just wash your hands and stop touching your face 🙂

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  5. Thanks so much for this! There is so much misinformation going around that it is hard not to be constantly confused and stressed. Early reports said it was mostly caused when someone who had it either coughed or sneezed on you, but my husband just gave me a link that said the same thing that you. Only you summarized it and he didn’t…bless you!!

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