If you’re sick of hearing/reading about it I understand. But this seems to be a fair summary of how to avoid it.

Dr. David Price, Perth, is a critical care pulmonologist.

Bottom line: COVID-19 is becoming better understood.
If you practice good hand cleanliness procedures and distancing,
you have nothing to worry about.

• Hand to face is the critical path. Spray, rarely.

• Get into the habit of knowing where your hands are and be sure they are clean. (sanitizer)

• Wear a mask, not to protect you, but simply to avoid hand to face contact.

• You don’t need an N-95 mask. Anything will do. Give N-97 to your local hospital.

• Carry sanitizer with you when you go out.

• Be friendly and social, just stay 6′ away.

• Shrink your social circle. You don’t want to be in large groups.

• Go to the hospital only if you are short of breath. Headache, fever, muscle ache, cough – stay home.

• Course of the disease is 7 -14 days. Immunity then follows.

If you follow the simple rules, you will not get COVID-19. This should be liberating.