Friday Fun – new normality

my new normality includes watching the bunnies graze!

As I try to shut down into isolation I continue to be astounded at
the busyness about me …
people either didn’t get the memo or are coping with sheer denial.

Families are out and about have seemingly carefree holidays,
afraid to be alone …

Please share your new normality”, be creative, photos, verse, prose …

Post a link here and read a few others to see how this looks worldwide!


  1. I will have to say my new normal includes cutting down on my commute time to work. I would spend about 1 hour from home to work and another 1 hour back home, for a mere 18kms for the round trip! And now I have extra two hours to cook, to tend to my plants, to read and to sleep!!

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      • There have been serious setbacks because of the slowdown, the economy taking a toll but several organisations don’t intend to cut off jobs on humanitarian grounds, but are looking at other means to mitigate the loss.

        Were I to cycle to work, I’d be squashed between buses and cars and motorbikes! Nobody follows traffic rules in India. It really is circus.

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        • very glad about your job 🙂

          I lived in India for years, only returned to oz Dec 2012 so I do get what you mean about traffic! Altho I saw many locals negotiate the dangers with great dexterity 🙂

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          • I used to until one fateful day a speeding card knocked out the senses from my head, literally and I lost two teeth! Thereafter I am so very cautious! It is quite a magic trick, navigating oneself through the roads in India!

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  2. My new normal is having my hubby home 24/7.
    We actually took a 3 mile (round trip) walk – just to check if some empty shelves were stocked. While my favorite brand wasn’t there – we did pick up a few things… but alas… no TP. I can only imagine the conversations years from now…

    “Can you remember when there wasn’t any TP on the shelves???”

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  3. not much has changed for us as a family, more anxiety with reading news etc perhaps but otherwise we cook, clean, work and enjoy each other’s company. we do miss our loved ones though and worry about their well being. the dog is loving it as we are fussing over her and home all the time now. plants are thriving, I have started growing some food plants and fruit trees. there is more to read than ever with online freebies, and movies to watch and playing new games online or doing quizzes. it is a good time to slow down and rest. while I know that there are families and people struggling with the virus or financial worries and not all in peaceful contentment, the government and NGO’s are helping out in huge ways. we volunteer where we can and help ease the burden.

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  4. I like the term ‘new normality’ Kate. It’s a healthy way to look at it. Over here in the UK police are enforcing restrictions. Holidaymakers are being sent back the way they came and out of town places of interest have been blocked off, so cars can’t stop there to admire the view. There are warnings of fines for anybody seen out and about for a good reason… although one outdoor exercise a day is allowed. I have time to focus on the blogs, the air has suddenly become cleaner and I have a garden to work in, so – although I know it’s the opposite – it feels a bit like heaven.

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  5. Here’s photo’s taken during my ‘normal’ Saturday walk
    My street abnormally for midday Saturday!Asumt4cZ9A65hMYviVIcGfXACvwMdQ?e=bIqqMO
    Local playground abnormally closed!Asumt4cZ9A65hMYxX66CYcmatytNcg?e=LxVCBr
    Flowers growing normally, in a neighbours nature-strip!Asumt4cZ9A65hMYyTCydFVgWfus6fQ?e=jZPiPe
    Builders as normal working on the new Kindergarten!Asumt4cZ9A65hMYwOyeP3xGCfiyoGA?e=bHhVoC

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    • Certainly looks like Geelong got the memo, those builders are staying well apart! Great music 😉
      Can’t believe hairdressers are still open, odd exemption!


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