just reading the headlines
lends itself to great compassion
sickness fear and all the deaths

people struggling with isolation
all are doing their very best
as patience is put to the test

fact is we are all in this together
nobody is exempt
ignoring warnings is contempt

heeding social distance is tact
personality defines how we react
panic denial or calm impact

complacency will seduce
immune systems need a boost
to ensure this virus is reduced

they went to war so that we could live
can’t we stay at home so they can live?

d’Verse, couplet, Frank


  1. The wisdom that your verses have! Indeed we can make a puny sacrifice of being at home and let our brave warriors make the world a cleaner place for us! 🙂

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  2. Love the last line. If we think what they went through, what we’re going through is nothing (don’t tell, I’m enjoying it).
    Awesome picture!
    Not everyone is able to follow, until they learn to. About them, I think about my sister. I’ve a special needs sister who thinks she is independent. She crosses roads without looking etc. She will be, is, kept safe by a source of the world. She is doing her part without looking after herself. The same is with people who can’t keep to things advised. A source of the world will have to do what they can’t.

    Love, light, and glitter

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    • none of the so-called leaders are really stepping up … hopefully the sheeple will recall this next time we get an opportunity to voice our dissatisfaction!


  3. You wrote a touching poem about people living in a pandemic. Those who have quarantine live in isolation have a hard time. It is difficult to withstand mentally. Some do not comply, so they infect others. I read that for up to two years, the virus will be with us until we get immunized, until vaccines are invented.
    Be physically and mentally resistant.


    • I do think it may well take 2 years to fully recover but I’m much more hopeful that there will be an effective vaccine much sooner than that! That we will be into recovery mode by the new year … we can do this and I’ve done far more than 2 years in isolation so people need to calm down, find the positives and enjoy this space to get to know themselves better … we can do it ❤


  4. We now have more cases than even China had – all because our leader (well not really a leader in so many ways) had dismissed the threat . It is up to the individual states to try to flatten the curve. It isn’t working too well since the POTUS has been feeding the media inaccurate and downright dangerous info. *sigh* Please stay safe…

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    • yes I was also shocked to hear US had made such a record … not one anyone wants to hold! My fear is for your homeless, those without health insurance, etc … they will surely die!

      It’s going to get a lot worse before realistic measures are taken to curb it! And why is he ordering the masses to attend Church for Easter? Does he want all Christians to die?

      I’ve always said he is far more dangerous to your country than any enemy could be 😦


  5. they went to war so that we could live
    can’t we stay at home so they can live?

    Such a powerful couplet kate and i hope we all take it seriously.. ever heard from the news of one priviledged politician from my country who went to visit his wife who is about to give birth? That politician was under quarantine as PUI and yet he went after his results turned out positive. Now, that hospital jas to quarantine so many nurses and doctors who had close contact with him and even that unfortunate guard who tried to stop him from entering.
    We are faced with problems on shortage of medical staff and this politician just made it even worst…

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      • Find out if it’s contagion from patient. Here the numbers are high due to a religious gathering at the start of the outbreak. We have identified the individuals involved. 90 percent have been tested and on treatment. There are still some refugees that are afraid to come forward.

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