waves save

I hear the waves crashing
as they swell rise and fall
crushing the sand ever finer
as they cleanse my very core

for the water is healing
soothing my angst
for those crushed by
a pandemic so black

as the numbers rise
I wonder at our demise
self isolation a solution
it will cease all pollution

quality lone time a blessing
so we must stop obsessing
about matters that mean squat
once we’re buried to rot

wiser to calm down
barn’s burnt down
now I can see the moon
you can too it’s a rune

d’Verse, Mish+ Marie from Create Space, sea
“Barn’s burnt down, now I can see the moon.”
photo is the ocean from my door this morning
this isolation period means I will share this view in it’s many moods


  1. We do tend to obsess over things we can do nothing about! Life is too short for that! I am sorry to hear of your still rising numbers in Covid. We are getting to a better place here. Venues are open and crowds are gathering again for sports events and performances. We have had our shots and a booster as well. Hope you get some herd immunity and relief soon.

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  2. Yes, less pollution with less travel.

    We went to a local ice cream type place – the lone server thought he had made a mistake with my order – I told him not to worry – I’d take what he made.

    Let us remember that our burdens can be lightened when we can find joy in relieving little stresses.

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    • I personally feel that mother nature is reasserting herself because we didn’t heed her warnings eg tsunami, wildfires, etc … we will survive this and it will give our environment time to recover!


  3. Beautiful, Kate! A deep, cleansing breath of fresh air, while those about us hyperventilate. Exactly what we need, actually.

    If you’ve got to be cooped up somewhere, might as well have a view like that. For sure.

    I bet, on a clear day, if you squint real hard, you can see Chile.

    If so, let me know if you spot Alfonso carrying a box. A while ago, the guy promised me a package of Chilean produce. Two weeks later, still nothing.

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    • lol damn Chileans … sadly not even squinting will get me there NZ is blocking the view!

      Yes will try to post daily as the hyperventilation is palpable …


  4. Hi Kate! I like the way your poem begins with two tentative stanzas with no rhyme scheme, almost like testing the sand with bare feet, and the rhythm and rhyme become stronger in the following stanzas, rising to a crescendo, like the pandemic. I love the final stanza and its assonance on ‘ow’ and ‘ooh’.

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    • what a delightful and very thoughtful comment Kim … I like to mix rhyming and discordant to emphasise my points and I believe you are the first to notice, thanks so much!

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  5. And as always beautiful. There are always two sides to a narrative, as much as destruction prevails, there is goodness that we see around us. Nature claiming her space that we selfishly occupied. May be we will look back at these dark times once the cloak is lifted and sense the goodness.

    (And I am so glad to be back, having missed reading your verses! I do hope you are keeping safe)

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  6. Amazing that by stopping industry for just a short time the air is visibly cleaner – the sun can be seen in Beijing again. So true that none of this worry will change anything and it won’t matter if we are dead…

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  7. I like the reference to the barn being burned down. After the raging fires you experienced recently in Australia that line is particularly poignant. Glad to be united in this effort to protect our precious world and everyone in it. You are doing good works down there mateys. I am trying to type like Crocodile Dundee.

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  8. quality lone time a blessing—yes i love this…how many of us see being alone as a blessing? Very few i guess but if we can all just for a time see it this way then maybe we heal as one..

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