a good reason to stay home

another thought on our current situation


  1. I immediately thought of our frontliners kate. Our nurses and doctors and soldiers and militaru officers
    My siblings are on the frontline now. And i could feel my mother’a agony everyday as she checks on us one by one.
    And yes even for our brave frontliners will all of us stay at.home? So that when this is over they too can come home?

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  2. Yups. We’re not being asked for anything nearly as hard as they were. We’re not being fought or shot. We’re not hiding in bunkers or shelters. We’ve enough food, even enough toilet paper! We’ve the resources to continue on, even.if there’ll be some economic hardship later on. We’re here. Asked to sit on our couches. Spend time with family, or getting to know ourselves. Crafting. Baking. Being. Which we can do. Which is a blessing of time, of an extended holiday.

    Love, light and glitter

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