I love our panicked country
A land of empty shelves
Where everyone is hunting
For toilet paper elves

The Pasta aisle is empty
The Oats and Wheat Bix gone
What has happened to this country?
When knives come out… forlorn…

We are the lucky country
Or so they used to say,
But when Aussie takes on Aussie
Over dunny paper, who will pay?

The Virus has us running
For Hand sanitiser and masks
But what about the Aussie way
Looking out for each other I ask?

Bring back my Aussie Homeland
Where when in fire or in flood
We stand by one another
We fight hand and hand in mud

Stop heading to the shops
And buying everything in sight
Remember you’re an Aussie
And keep your community tight

Check on all your neighbours
Hand out the toilet rolls
Put some snags out on the barby
And block out the panic trolls.

by Julia Varga 5/3/20