the lucky country ..

I love our panicked country
A land of empty shelves
Where everyone is hunting
For toilet paper elves

The Pasta aisle is empty
The Oats and Wheat Bix gone
What has happened to this country?
When knives come out… forlorn…

We are the lucky country
Or so they used to say,
But when Aussie takes on Aussie
Over dunny paper, who will pay?

The Virus has us running
For Hand sanitiser and masks
But what about the Aussie way
Looking out for each other I ask?

Bring back my Aussie Homeland
Where when in fire or in flood
We stand by one another
We fight hand and hand in mud

Stop heading to the shops
And buying everything in sight
Remember you’re an Aussie
And keep your community tight

Check on all your neighbours
Hand out the toilet rolls
Put some snags out on the barby
And block out the panic trolls.

by Julia Varga 5/3/20


  1. People have various opinions (guesses) as to how long the virus will persist, though nobody doubts we’ll get the better of it…eventually. Whenever that may be.

    Even under the most dire circumstances, wherein we face something on par with the influenza epidemic our great-grandparents weathered a century ago, in a few years this will be but a fading bad memory. In a few years more, someone will have to mention it for us to remember. “Huh? Oh yeah, that’s right.” It’s the way we’re wired, always moving on, always exploring.

    What will endure, though, is the fact that we’ll have to look others in the eye, and at ourselves in the mirror. Best to do good now, which will allow us to meet that gaze and to say, “We made it.”

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      • I go anywhere and everywhere here and i can’t find hand sanitizers or even masks..and i see from the news back home of manufacturers and stores hoardind and selling sanitizers and masks being locked down too for selling it at a over 200 percent than the regular price.

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        • yes price gouging is happening here … ordinary household vinegar is the best steriliser, not as easily used or scented but most effective! Masks I use a hand made one in Asia from cloth, allows me to wash it out several times a day 🙂

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    • I know that but this is written to a famous aussie poem, so it really hits us between the eyes … I have often thought of re writing this poem but now someone has beaten me to it 🙂

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  2. Lovely poem, Kate and yes why are people crazy and hoarding things for what. Everything will be available even here in Mumbai they have locked all of us for two weeks so whatever little shops and veggies are open people are running like mad. Sad situation everywhere Kate. Let us pray for everyone’s well being and that the virus that came will go away in sometime.

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  3. I really enjoyed this poem. It has a Waltzing Matilda feel to it! I wonder if the last line would work rhythmically without the word “out” in ” And block(out) the panic trolls.” I love your work Kate.

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