nature is sheer magic
she offers beauty torment and so much
life is also magic
sight sound smell taste and touch

but my mind is a large warehouse
for unicorns quidditch and such
reality can really dowse
so fantasy is a fun healthy crutch

d’Verse, 44 words on ‘magic’, Linda


  1. It has been said that fiction and fantasy is the truth inside the lie. I think that was an idea expressed by Stephen King. Hmmm So then reality TV and breaking (hearts) news would then be the lie inside the truth?

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      • Ok. I’ll chalk it up to Stephen King. I am not sure all of his writing added up to enlightenment. I guess what this might mean is that sad breaking news is hard to swallow. It presents a “real world” that is hard to counteract. Fantasy and fiction allow the minds of adults and children to play, to imagine, even if though reality presents them with limitations. Sometimes the walls around us are literal, but they can still be walked through using the tools and techniques of fantasy, story, music, dance and other arts and technologies.

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  2. Nature is indeed magical, and I am blessed to have a little oasis of nature outside my window. I also love to escape in a book, with ‘unicorns quidditch and such’. I’m hunkered down with my cats and hope to last the duration of this nightmare.

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  3. Its fantasy and magic and make believes that feed our imagination when we were little girls …and i love what you said about it “so fantasy is a fun healthy crutch”…

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  4. Finding a good balance makes all the difference.

    Too little dreaming, and life is joyless and crimped.

    Too much of it and progress rots on the vine, as we’re lost in our own maze.

    Indulge in just the right amount, though, and life hums as we make dreams reality.

    What’s the right amount, then? Life’s big question, and we’re here to find an answer.

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