Isolation Fun – comic relief

times are tough but know that this too will pass …
so to cheer ourselves and each other up please share some “comic relief”

I’ve used my muse Leunig
but I’ve also seen some super amazing isolation skits on utube

So get creative with pics, videos, writing so others can browse for some light relief!

Let’s create a diversion library,
something you might click on again just for a giggle 


  1. Good idea, Kate! The stress is off the charts, and sometimes I give in to it. But then I repeat my mantra: “It’s a virus. With a mortality rate of about 2%. Breathe, stay calm, and help those around you. And wash your hands, often. We will get through this eventually!!” Thanks for being a beacon of hope and common sense, Kate! It is so needed right now!

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      • My point is the laughter. There is way too much darkness, or gloom and doom as someone I can’t recall whom said. The world isn’t really coming to an end. And hearing all the stories or panicking ain’t going to make anyone any safer (not that I’m never freaking, but I’m not reading the news or stories for that reason). Anyways, ramble over!
        Take care or yourself… stay safe and I hope you’ve sunshine and blue sky!

        Love, light, and glitter

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  2. Hi Kate, What a fun post, just what we needed. Here’s my contribution. My friend dredged up her Christmas tree and set it up on her front porch. She put the word out that she hoped people would hang notes and other fun things on it so she wouldn’t feel so alone. It’s covered with stuff. I loved the idea.

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  3. Last week one of the local schools had the teachers gather in a parade – in their cars with the teachers name on the side windows so they could tell their students how much they missed them and wave!

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  4. […] This Australian comedian really is super witty and I’m sure everyone will enjoy the Ballard which is a take off of one of our favourites.  The Yoga is more specifically Australian where our PM says he will but doesn’t close down our schools.  Believe me they really are hilarious. […]


  5. hEY THERE kATE!!!! Checked my blog to check on everyone here hehehe. Hope you’re doing safe and staying indoors and what not, This is was so cute ehehehe. Do be safe!!!!!

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