Lockdown Clues

Self-isolation is a topic I know a bit about having spent some years in solitary retreat eg no visual, verbal or written contact. So thinking now might be a good time to share some pointers

  1. Expect a period of adjustment, be easy on yourself and allow time to absorb the changes; remind yourself that you can cope and will adapt. And remember that you are not alone in this … everyone worldwide is experiencing a similar reaction to you!

  2. Have a regular routine, a schedule that maintains a sense of purpose. Establish some daily rituals. And if self-discipline is a challenge and you’re working from home then this is essential! Know that you are doing this to keep yourself and others alive and well. Sure this may be an uncomfortable inconvenience but others go to war for us … Allocate time to do some of those chores you’ve been avoiding.

  3. Stay connected with others but limit your device time. Allocate slots to chat or blog or to just contemplate. Draw write read sing clean sort. And if you share your space play games … boards, cards, I spy, riddles, word games, there is a huge range and google can offer more suggestions. You know you can lose whole days on FB movies and other mind numbing things. Spending quality time with yourself and each other is a priceless opportunity so please take advantage of it!

  4. Daily exercise is essential … could be a solitary walk, yoga, cycling, dance moves, swimming, get creative!
  1. Be sure to complete business arrangements, pay all those bills.

  2. Get sufficient supplies for a fortnight then see if you can get groceries delivered. If not have your list ready and shop quickly keeping a healthy distance. Don’t stockpile too much as that’s wasteful. Be smart about your supplies, long life milk, what stores well in the freezer or containers. Buy tinned stuff and be sure to include a few treats. Lock down is not punishment so be sure to add a few treats ☺ chocolate chips sweets pancakes … not loads but spoil yourself!

  3. Set your motivation each morning … what do you plan or hope to achieve today …

  4. And before sleep each night reflect back on your day. Did you achieve those goals, what could you do better or differently. And note what you did achieve, what you are grateful for.

  5. And if you’re really brave imagine the worst case scenario, prepare mentally and emotionally for it. Now relax and enjoy this amazing opportunity to become more creative while getting to know yourself better ☺

It’s about having quality time with yourself and those you live with, so take full advantage.

For those who are spiritually inclined now is an incredible opportunity to do more prayers and practices, meditate, sing, hand copy a favourite text. Do more intense reading on topics you know least about.

I can promise you that this is the most amazing opportunity you are forced to take!

Revised April 6th incorporating some of Jessica Watson’s points



  1. These are really easy to follow tips Kate. I think i am doing some of the tips you mentioned like a regular exercise. Since going to the gym and road run is not possible enjoy yoga in the comfort of my room.
    This whole lockdown thing should be utilized and used as an opportunity to grow and better ourselves

    Thank you for the tips..especially the one you mentioned about deliveries

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  2. Very helpful and well organized suggestions and guides. Perspective is so important for us as so many feel overwhelmed around the world, yet never have we had the ability to keep in touch around the world. You have made my glass half full today, rather than half empty. If the sun decided to pop out here, it might even feel fuller-it’s a bit dull here so far for our first day of spring. But hey- it IS the first day of spring. I am going to celebrate that. Whatever your season you are entering, may you too have a good day today and a good weekend coming. I will share these great ideas today. Thanks so much Kate.

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  3. Very useful tips for spring time with oneself. We are three people in the house, I , my daughter and my grandson. Of us all, it’s the hardest on the little guy. He just turned ten and wants to go out and play with his friends. Luckily, the school is seeming enough work to keep them busy.

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  4. Use time wisely very apropos. While doing a small shopping for my neighbor I picked up a few things for myself. I didn’t need that much as my last shopping had stocked the larder so-to-speak.

    When you do go out, if you must, try and remember to have patience. The gent in front of me forgot his payment cards – used to doing everything with his phone. Remember these times are difficult for all of us. Visit those you can if you know they are healthy.
    And when calling in or even via computer ordering remember to be polite. Mistakes will happen and being ill tempered will not help things settle smoothly.

    Stay safe and thank you for your clues 🙂

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    • not at all, that is good progress 🙂
      … those who try too much, squeeze too hard may develop symptoms similar to chronic fatigue syndrome … this is why I like to check that people have authentic teachers and guides … it can be dangerous

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  5. wonderful suggestions! I already do several so the additional ones are not a huge deviation from my normal routine. Sparky and I are doing some of the cleaning chores we’ve put off – painting a few spots on the ceiling, deep cleaning the floor tile, switching out the winter wardrobe… Decided to watch some movies we bought but hadn’t gotten around to. Since it is Lent we are doing our Bible study and devotions more often (Churches are closed!)…

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  6. Good ideas, Kate. Appreciate your generosity in sharing the lessons it often took years to learn.

    That said, I doubt I could tolerate long-term what you did for so long, the self-isolation thing. I’ve lived in cities and in suburbs my whole life, and I enjoy having people around, even now, when circumstance prevents immediacy.

    Being left to my own devices never has been much of a challenge, though, as I’m a bit of an introvert (no, I don’t say!). Devices have their place, but television and even the internet expend their welcome before long. Fortunately, so much else to do, including cooking, listening to music, planning a vacation. Oh, and reading – definitely reading! Don’t want to forget the crowning pastime.

    Gardening too. Now that spring finally has returned from its trip south, the arugula and mustard greens went in this past weekend. To be fair, that would’ve been the case even without social distancing making it a great way to spend an afternoon

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  7. Thanks for all the wonderful pointers and tips Kate… I had a good read read, and I’m basically doing ok, except maybe a bit more exercise….. stay well Kate xxx

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  8. very useful hints and suggestions Kate. problem is for those living in urban areas like myself and current local conditions. our government has imposed a strict movement order. parks and public areas are closed or restricted to essential services only as confirmed numbers increase. more and more services are being shut down daily, back to bare basics. that means no walking your dog either. only one per household to shop for groceries etc. healthcare workers have authorisation letters to go to work. it is hard to implement as we have never experienced such a lock down going back 50 years since the Emergency of 1969. but just sharing whats going on here, its relatively ok and calm, we have food, water all the essentials, just need to get used to it. you take care, some of your suggestions are really helpful to get into a calmer state of mind too,

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    • thanks for sharing your current situation in Malaysia Gina, hopefully others might do this too so that we get a broader picture of how each country is handling this crisis 🙂

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  9. I agree with you completely. This is a time when we can actually utilise it to our own means. Being at a place, where we are under complete lockdown, I can say that it is difficult, but we are putting efforts and even smaller things have different meaning.

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  10. An excellent post. You make some very good points. I am thankful every night when my head hits the pillow for all the blessings of life I have been privileged to have. Many do not have this luxury!

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