Self-isolation is a topic I know a bit about having spent some years in solitary retreat eg no visual, verbal or written contact. So thinking now might be a good time to share some pointers

1. Main thing is to inform everyone eg family friends workplace banks and anyone you normally have regular contact with. Don’t want people unexpectedly visiting. And if we do need to make further arrangements most of us do that on the net anyway and it’s still alive and thriving! I even had no internet … yes, for years!

2. Get sufficient supplies and if it’s more than a fortnight then make sure that you can get groceries delivered. I had a kind gent who twice a month collected my list and two weeks later leave those goodies on my verandah. Don’t be greedy because that’s incredibly wasteful

3. Be smart about your supplies as they wont include enough fresh milk fruit and veg for a fortnight. Most store well in plastic containers or bags. Buy tinned stuff and be sure to include a few treats. Lock down is not punishment so be sure to add a few treats ☺
chocolate chips sweets drinks pancakes … not loads but spoil yourself!

4. Daily exercise is essential … could be a solitary walk, yoga, cycling, dance moves, swimming, get creative!

5. Have a regular routine, a timetable. Especially if you have to work from home and are not very disciplined then this is a must! In retreat we pack a lot into 8-12 hours! But more about that later as many are not spiritually inclined.

6. Limit your device time. Allocate slots to just think, contemplate. Draw write read sing clean sort. This is a great opportunity to do all those chores you’ve delayed for far too long. And if you share your space play games … boards cards I spy riddles word games there is a huge range and google can make suggestions if you get stuck. You know you can lose whole days on FB movies and other brain numbing things. Spending quality time with yourself and each other is a priceless opportunity so please make the most of it!

7. Set your motivation each morning … what do you hope to achieve today

8. And before sleep each night reflect back on your day. Did you achieve those goals, what could you do better or differently. And note what you did achieve, what you are grateful for.

9. And most of all relax and enjoy this very precious opportunity to become more creative while getting to know yourself better ☺

Any further questions, except for details about my retreat, then please ask away and I will answer as best I can. It’s about having quality time with yourself and those you live with, take full advantage …

For those who are spiritually inclined now is an amazing opportunity to do more prayers and practices, meditate, sing, hand copy a favourite text. Do more intense reading on topics you know least about.

I can promise you that this is the most amazing opportunity you are forced to take!