Self-isolation is a topic I know a bit about having spent some years in solitary retreat eg no visual, verbal or written contact. So thinking now might be a good time to share some pointers

  1. Expect a period of adjustment, be easy on yourself and allow time to absorb the changes; remind yourself that you can cope and will adapt. And remember that you are not alone in this … everyone worldwide is experiencing a similar reaction to you!

  2. Have a regular routine, a schedule that maintains a sense of purpose. Establish some daily rituals. And if self-discipline is a challenge and you’re working from home then this is essential! Know that you are doing this to keep yourself and others alive and well. Sure this may be an uncomfortable inconvenience but others go to war for us … Allocate time to do some of those chores you’ve been avoiding.

  3. Stay connected with others but limit your device time. Allocate slots to chat or blog or to just contemplate. Draw write read sing clean sort. And if you share your space play games … boards, cards, I spy, riddles, word games, there is a huge range and google can offer more suggestions. You know you can lose whole days on FB movies and other mind numbing things. Spending quality time with yourself and each other is a priceless opportunity so please take advantage of it!

  4. Daily exercise is essential … could be a solitary walk, yoga, cycling, dance moves, swimming, get creative!
  1. Be sure to complete business arrangements, pay all those bills.

  2. Get sufficient supplies for a fortnight then see if you can get groceries delivered. If not have your list ready and shop quickly keeping a healthy distance. Don’t stockpile too much as that’s wasteful. Be smart about your supplies, long life milk, what stores well in the freezer or containers. Buy tinned stuff and be sure to include a few treats. Lock down is not punishment so be sure to add a few treats ☺ chocolate chips sweets pancakes … not loads but spoil yourself!

  3. Set your motivation each morning … what do you plan or hope to achieve today …

  4. And before sleep each night reflect back on your day. Did you achieve those goals, what could you do better or differently. And note what you did achieve, what you are grateful for.

  5. And if you’re really brave imagine the worst case scenario, prepare mentally and emotionally for it. Now relax and enjoy this amazing opportunity to become more creative while getting to know yourself better ☺

It’s about having quality time with yourself and those you live with, so take full advantage.

For those who are spiritually inclined now is an incredible opportunity to do more prayers and practices, meditate, sing, hand copy a favourite text. Do more intense reading on topics you know least about.

I can promise you that this is the most amazing opportunity you are forced to take!

Revised April 6th incorporating some of Jessica Watson’s points