alarm or calm #couplets

covid 19 has raised much alarm
nature admonishing us for all the harm

yet all our panic hoarding and fear
distract us from what we hold dear

lets notch it down a gear
chill until you are clear

through this challenge we can steer
if we are more kind and sincere

things are not as dire as the appear
for are we not still here

so sip a beer or read a psalm
good will is the healthiest balm

D’Verse, OLN, Grace


  1. Sage advice. I bounce between panic and disbelief, lost and immersed in the time of great cities aping ghost towns, and touch is an affectation of yesterday.

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  2. Lovely poem Kate. Here in Ireland we need to learn from Italy’s delays. 79 cases yesterday 171 today and 3rd death, first person with no pre-existing health conditions. Wish Government would impose a lockdown. Stay well. X

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  3. Current row. Now we have a lot of anxiety, so we should behave rationally and calmly. The more that a lot depends on us, so do not leave the house without the need to catch the virus. I wish you further poetic inspiration.

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  4. I know! People are forgetting that fear and panic cause our immune systems to become very weak, which actually makes us much more vulnerable to the virus. Far better to stay sensible and calm.

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