struggling along the wildly windscaped beach
I source a dune indentation to rest
winded wondrous and seduced, lost for speech

the tempest builds up as the wind roars on
rudely the tide turns assaulting the sea
the elements rage above and upon

primordial roar buffeting a bird
thunder and lightning flash steal my breath
mother nature now screaming to be heard

clearly exclaiming ‘you lost your way’
please listen to her tumultuous sound
try to understand what she has to say

d’Verse, tercet, Laura


    • she is telling us very clearly, we didn’t heed her other warnings so now our mortality is on line; and she stopped most of our pollution almost instantly … smart woman!


  1. A powerful poem, Kate. You have engaged all of my senses and some emotions, too.
    Mother Nature tries to speak to us. It’s good when we listen.
    Stay safe and well.
    We are having more days of storms, rain, and even had some snow.

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    • at the moment I think she is roaring loudly … we didn’t listen to the tsunami, or the wildfires, so now she is making things mighty uncomfortable confronting people with their own mortality!
      Be most interested to see where this goes …


  2. You have captured the perfectly how the sea smells and how it roars out its sound as the wind blows.
    The raging sea reminds us to always wait for it to settle down and calm down before we even journey
    The same way with what’s happening right now….we need to wait and let everything settle down.

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  3. Tumultuous tempests are the best, Kate, and your ‘wildly windscaped beach’, primordial roar and raging elements had me dancing! Mother Nature’s screams are more than a match for my seahowl. 🙂

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