Leunig’s issue

a beautiful poem


and a one man’s summation of the toilet paper panic  …..

it’s such a big issue over such a small tissue


  1. Such a heart touching poem and on a tissue paper where today people have started unnecessary hoarding tissue papers and sanitizers and everything they can get their hands on creating a pandemonium. This poem is so wanted at this time of chaos. Loved it, Kate.

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    • lol one supermarket kindly gave me four rolls yesterday …
      I can make that last a very long time
      so thank you for your rhyme 🙂

      PS please mind your language as this is a family rated blog and you might just s…. me off! And that uses even more paper!

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  2. I’ve just received a flurry of positive words and poems via email this morning…this poem is beautiful and so needed now (we’re struggling with long line-ups, empty shelves and panic buying at our stores as our province initiates “shelter in place”!). Thank goodness for the internet and virtual hugs, here are mine, Kate!

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      • I was stunned to still see empty produce containers and shelves at one of our local grocery stores…I was on the hunt for a bag of organic carrots and luckily found some at my second stop…now the masses are clearing out our local liquor store shelves!!

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