real love

Love in english is such an inadequate word. I love sunrise, beach walks, animals and nature. But when it comes to humans we are fickle!

Romance and expectations taint our vision … we want it all on our conditions. At the smallest slight we ignore or fight. So I don’t know why I was surprised every time love started or ended!

But was this real sincere love, acceptance of all their faults? For unconditional love understands we all have strength and weaknesses. Unconditional love is all embracing with NO expectations or conditions. It is universal and unifying and at this time of a major pandemic we all need to dig deep, reflect on what it is we need to abandon or keep.

How extreme and judgemental we have become. Too distracted by life and devices. Learn to love sincerely realistically without expectations or conditions!

d’Verse, 144 word prosery, Merril
include the sentence … “I don’t know why I was surprised every time love started or ended.”


  1. Yes Kate…. I sit her pondering about love….. I abandoned this unloving materialistic world decades ago, when my unconditional love required my existence to be a life of bare necessities and to have acceptance of whatever obstacle fell across our shared path……..

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  2. That is so true, Kate, love is a word that is bandied about and seems to have lost its meaning. And humans are indeed fickle – and full of self-interest! Unconditional love is something to be treasurer and nurtured. Thankyou for your powerful message.

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  3. Exactly! I couldn’t agree more ate. Too many throw the word around, mostly for their own benefit. Love is hard, love is laborious at times, and love must also be deaf as well as blind. 🥰


  4. great post Kate, you said it with love and passion. I am surprised in “this time of cholera” the love that comes from unexpected places and ways, the human heart is resilient and the human is highly adaptive.

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  5. So true. So many people throw the word “love” around willy-nilly and mean nothing by it. Or they use it as a salutation. I just can’t unless I mean and feel it.
    Wonderfully done!

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    • Jules I read this morning that some European countries are hoping young people will get immunity … here we are told ventilators are limited … the rush hour for elderly and disabled shoppers is a joke! Yesterday is the first time I decided to stock up for a fortnight self isolation. But most supermarkets had had to call ambulances, one didn’t open for 4 hours, leaving the vulnerable massed outside their front door! Ideal way to share a virus in overcrowded shopping isles 😦
      It feels like very cruel games to me, so we all need to self care …

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  6. Love and romance are 2 different things…

    Love is created by giving. The Hebrew word for love is ahava, the root of which is hav – to give. Love is a two way street.

    Love (!), light, and glitter…

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  7. A timely piece! I’m struck by how this pandemic has made us all take ten steps backward, shedding what turns out to be unnecessary and adapting a more simplified life style. No restaurants, concerts, large gatherings, bars, cinemas etc has made us all explore what it is like to experience the “home fires” again.

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