surf sand and sun #list

watching the sun rise
let’s me loosen the ties
rollicking by the sea
I feel completely free
as I have fun
under the sun
walking on the sand
feels like I own the land
some prefer the turf
I like to surf
watching the sun set
I feel free of debt
the glitter of the stars
implies I can reach mars

surf - 1 (1)

d’Verse, lists, Bjorn
full disclosure … I made a list in order to share some recent photos!


  1. Its true kate, watching the sunrise eases our feelings….it softens our thoughts. I am just right now in awe at the view of a beautiful sunrise, as i read your equally beautiful poem..this is one of the simplest yet best things in life some has forgotten to splurge.

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  2. Sunrises are beautifully invigorating, Kate, and your words and pictures express the concept so well.

    What, with Daylight Savings and all, the sun’s coming up just as I leave for the office each morning. Needless to say, I’ve been late (or, less early than I usually am) most mornings last week. Watching the sun make its entrance is just too invigorating, too fascinating, to ignore.

    Plus, it’s great knowing there are still awesome things that this stupid virus can’t diminish!

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