entitlement taboo

religion sex and politics are floundering
as Australia is about to introduce
a religious discrimination bill
that returns us to the dark ages

sexual promiscuity has never been so rife
our moral compass lost causing much strife
politicians lack transparency or accountability
bending every rule to ensure ultimate power

so these usual taboos are corrupted
as devices dumb us down, they distract
as we lose ground gained over decades
true freedom and democracy are dead

propaganda and fake news rule instead
poverty and viruses threaten our lives
the one percenters think they’re in control
but we have the resilience to survive

the real taboo is to call them out and thrive
make religions pay compensation
due for decades of blatant abuse
be more discerning in our relationships

make politicians accountable or toss them
tie their incomes and benefits
to their performance outcomes
keep our wits about us to understand

their game plan, use our brains to
discern and disseminate true news
break the apathy and put them on notice
we have the power in numbers …

d’Verse, taboo, Amaya



  1. I do not know what it is about, but politicians should be watched to ensure security, efficient health service and the economy, and not to deal with nonsense, because someone has sex on the brain.

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  2. This line stands out for me: the real taboo is to call them out and thrive. What will it take to call them out and see something actually happening towards the positive? We seem to be at a stalemate in that regard. And you may be seeing that the power machine of the democratic party is putting all of their sabotaging and subterfuge gears to work to defeat Bernie Sanders by promoting their milquetoast puppet, Biden.

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    • somehow I think this virus might even the playing field a bit more Lisa. Your lunatic way overstepped the mark so even his blind faithful must now see that he’s a fool!
      Our pollies are first in line for infection … maybe it might make them humble 🙂

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  3. You are so right! And we must unify as human-beans and use our power!
    Sadly, so many people have become so self-focused they are just letting politicians run things. 😦 We need benevolent servant-leaders. But sadly most leaders do not even know what being a servant, or benevolent, means. 😦

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  4. With America going on shutdown right now from this pandemic, don’t expect politicians , or religious figures to be our savior. I’m sorry to read in this post that your country faces a similar dilemma.

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  5. Politicians are always prepared to come up with their supossed truthful and believable version of them wanting to protect the people. They always hide behind their so called laws and bills and propagandas that mostly written, created and promulgated only to benefit the few.
    Its just frustrating.

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  6. SMiles By Very Nature
    in Light Truth in Freedom
    Is ALWaYS Politically Incorrect
    For Politics is Just one Sheet
    of Music
    or That
    Religion the
    Same Truth is a Spectrum
    of Colors Never Bound by Either So Free
    i Just Visit
    Taboo of Truth…;)

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    • Thanks Hehe that’s me but True my Wife looks more
      Like a Poet and Ballet
      Dancer i More
      Often get
      As Undercover
      Law Enforcement
      But Lord getting
      A Couple of
      Months away
      From 60 too
      Old for that
      But Free Style
      Ballet keeps
      Me Dancing
      And Writing
      My Wife Fixes
      Things around
      The Home
      As She loves to do..;)

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  7. last elections here we thought we had that power and turned the tides but a few greedy and unscrupulous individuals have upset the balance of power yet again and we are back at square one. nothing is sacred anymore, taboo is just a word game!

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