pic perfect

early morning in the bush
a bird call from afar
leaves sway in the breeze
roos hop fully alert
powder white sand
azure blue sea
how magic this place be
then a stir a buzz
as people swarm in
for a picnic in paradise

d’Verse, ‘stir’, De Jackson

JB - 1


  1. Glistening verse, Kate, hypnotizing the reader with beautifully evocative images.

    To the point, in fact, the pictures are unnecessary, other, maybe, than to reinforce the point.

    And that they do, magnificently. The total package hums, both in word and in photo. Spectacular!

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  2. Beautiful, SweetKate!
    I am ever grateful that the amazing creatures on earth let us enjoy their space…listen to their songs and chats…see their beautiful faces…because it is magical and calming to be around them!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    • I sent my friends off for their second hike as I wanted a nap … those birds came right up and sat next to me chatting … two would not give me any space, so cheeky that others noticed them!

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