Please take a minute or two to just
think about those women in your life …
your mother, sister, daughter, wife
cousin, friend, colleague, neighbour

think of all the chores they do
of what joy they bring to your life
how often do you compliment them
please try to boost their self-worth

for every woman you know
has endured gross injustice
discrimination in many forms
from employment, wages to rape

too used to being put down
they laugh and act the clown
or become more tough to cope
as they struggle with little hope

that men will ever respect them
as essential to their daily life
or allow their full potential
to blossom without fear

or threat of smutty jokes
innuendo, injustices galore
poverty prejudice cut to the core
are you respectful without flaw?

how could you help them more
cut the demeaning side swipes
keep them safe, stand up for them
for they deserve love not chagrin

check your own attitude
don’t ration your gratitude
please speak up every time
others cross that nebulous line

it’s time for all of us to grow
let women glow and don’t be slow
to take a more protective stance
so women and peace can advance!

to celebrate International Women’s Day on Monday 9th
PS this is an exercise for every single person …
coz women are just as guilty as men for disrespecting!