wisdom ..

kindness is really knowing myself
where my emotions come from
where they take me, how I react
self-knowledge should be a fact
coz it determines how I interact

ignorance breeds arrogance
easy to see in others
but harder to check in me
exterminating it will set me free
inclusion enables the flow to be

projecting hurts others
so best I check in the mirror
how can I think I’m superior
nobody is inferior

once I know myself well
my inner enemy I should know
my wisdom can grow
then healthier seeds I will sow

as I abandon ignorant blindness
my random acts of kindness
will be far more relevant
as suffering is prevalent

empower yourself now
for knowing ourselves well
can lift us out of our own hell
our ignorance can dispel


  1. well written! be kind to others and yourself. its the righteous judgement that will makes us fall, not all opinions are right. I like this Kate, a little prayer and reminder I need to be kind to all who cross my path.

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  2. When I checked in the mirror recently, the face stuck its tongue out at me, so I put a big piece of masking tape over it, and now I not only don’t recognize myself, but I’m growing weak from hunger. Guess I’d better empower myself soon before I don’t have enough strength to take off the tape.


  3. Knowing one’s self abilities, and having the wisdom to use your knowledge by acting humbly and kindly empowers both you and others around to better people…..

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  4. Words of wisdom, Kate and kindness and compassion is what we all need to show to each and every human being that is going through a tough time. Empowering ourselves is the need of the hour to dispel all ignorance that we are carrying with us. Lovely poem.

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  5. Nice! Poetic wisdom 🙂 The best knowledge that you can have is self-knowledge and awareness. These qualities cultivate love, kindness and compassion.

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  6. Yes, we must know, respect, and love ourselves to live our best life…and to be able to love and respect others and help them!
    Great wise poem, SweetKate! 🙂
    The clouds and water in your beautiful photo look like they are showing some emotion! 🙂
    HUGS and be safe and have fun fun FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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  7. Thrilling, Kate, and perceptive. For you, the two aren’t exclusive.

    Naturally, when we don’t know ourselves, it’s too easy for others to fluster us. Such strain usually brings about a hasty, emotional response. Then there we are, seething and painted into a corner. Knowing ourselves a little better, thus knowing how to handle things, would’ve avoided most of this.

    Six-week road trip, huh? Defining “road” really loosely to take in the sea and the skies too, it’s obvious you’re coming for a visit. Let me know when you get past Baltimore (as you’re starting from the south) and I’ll put a kettle on to boil.

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    • lol Keith I’m on the wrong continent for a cuppa in Baltimore … in NSW, Vic and SA … got a couple of friends for the first part so nice to share the driving and show them this part of the world that I know so well! Then I go solo 🙂

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  8. Being in touch with your inner child or even your inner critic shapes the way we see and interact with the world.. Best to get to know yourself so that you can better know the world.

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  9. Each paragraph says something new. Really, know yourself so that you give compassion to yourself and others, and don’t interpret others actions or reactions as about you for it’s their issues at play. Thanks for the reminder. I love how you rhyme every single time.
    Love, light, and glitter

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