hidden or forbidden

if Adam and Eve had been black
they would have consumed the snake
the apple would still be on that tree

there would be no immortal sin
and us whiteys would be the slaves
we would be hunted and massacred

or would they feel less entitled
be more respectful and fair
we are one on humanities side

so why such a bigoted divide
open your heart speak to others
ignorance is the enemy within!

d’Verse, apple, anmol – pic from WP library


  1. Choosing to eat the snake might have changed the outcome, but God rigged the situation. Surely there would have been harsh consequences for consuming the snake. Nice twist with whites being slaves; of course they were for the Romans.

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    • Nah, why not? Although they were vegetarian at the time there was nothing saying not to eat the snake, the snake being more of a analogy, just not to eat from the tree of knowledge as yet for knowledge before you are ready for it can be more harmful than helpful.

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  2. An interesting take on the poem, especially as Malorie Blackman’s Noughts and Crosses is being serialised on the BBC this month – it starts tomorrow – and is a Romeo and Juliet story set in a an alternate history, where black “Cross” people rule over white “Noughts”.

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      • and others have so much less and more suffering, but we can’ just keep focused on that, let’s do our part to help and create a better world, no point in just hoping and talking, we can all make a change where we are, we might not be able to change the world but make differences that matter to small communities around us. My way of living anyway.

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  3. The tree of news of good and evil aroused curiosity. No wonder Ewa wanted to know such knowledge. He lost his snake because people don’t trust him.

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  4. In watching some shows about DNA and where we come from… over 90% of all humans have DNA from Africa and who really knows what color the first peoples were? The ‘White angels and gods’ are only gifted that image because of interpretation of those who have the same skin tone. And most humans can count on a minimum 2% of Neanderthal DNA as well.

    This is the year of our census. And the are some questions I will not answer. A) I am not ‘White’, and B) I am not Caucasian – from the Caucus Islands. I am an American Citizen with European Heritage. Questions that ask for divisions only continue to divide.

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