colonise Mars

Among my friends are many stellar geeks clambering to rocket off and set up a new space colony. Firstly they seriously considered the moon but gradually the red planet Mars became more favoured.

The wealth needed for such a venture could shelter and feed all those in dire poverty! Yet those with such wealth have absolutely no concept of what real poverty is and prefer to squander their excess on such a venture. I’ll leave it to them. Here’s hoping that I can afford to pay the rent this week.

Life amongst the stars
Is there autumn up on Mars
Let’s fight poverty

d’Verse, Mars, Frank T
for a real feel good story click here 
one smart boss raised his basic minimum wage to $70,000
and output was raised all round!


  1. It’s always amazing to me how we find ways to waste money when there is so much need right in front of us. We’re watching candidates spend hundreds of millions on their campaigns right now…which makes me not want to vote for any of them!

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    • I totally get that Ann but surely you must vote to get rid of the psychopath that’s destroying your country!
      Wasting money on political campaigns is wanton … maybe they should have to donate an equal amount to charity … that might tone it down a bit 🙂

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  2. I also rebel against spending huge amounts of money on the senseless colonization of planets. Here on Earth there is a mess, violence, illness, hunger, so why look for another civilization when we cannot deal with our own.

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  3. Man will go on any planet but till he does not understand how to get rid of selfishness he will destroy every planet with his selfishness and just like earth all other planets will be same. The need of the hour now is to be doing selfless service and start loving and being kind to humanity. Awesome poem, Kate. Loved it. Thanks.

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  4. It would truly be wondrous if we could first take care of those with needs here on our own planet before venturing out. While I enjoy watching Sci-fi shows – there is quite a bit of fantasy. And there are very human foibles attributed to ‘other worldly’ beings.

    Thanks for linking to the article. 😀

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  5. So true! And sad.
    I think there is enough on Earth to help all peoples be taken care of, but many people don’t know how to share. They just keep amassing $ and stuff, while others suffer. 😦
    Yes, solve the problems on Earth before spending money to conquer, control, and ruin other planets. 😦

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  6. Very true. So many lives are lost due to hunger alone and life on Mars and moon and what not are being searched for. May Allah ease the sufferings of each one and bless us peace and love

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  7. Why the big rush to fly off into space? Earth is such a beautiful planet, with so much more to see and explore. They are the ones who are destroying the planet and using up its resources, As you so rightly say, Kate, the money spent on space travel is needed here on Earth to fight poverty.

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  8. They talk of colonies on Mars
    On other planets. Distant stars
    They talk of better things ahead
    Why not fix the past instead?
    With talk of crimes, of stolen land
    With some attempt to understand
    Our evil act. Our thoughtless deed
    Our lust. Our avarice. Our greed

    Before we colonise again
    Should we not first remember when
    We raped and pillaged. Had our way
    With no thought of another day?
    When everything seemed so fair and right
    When somehow we could sleep at night
    This colony should be our last
    Our crimes embedded in our past

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  9. The rich seem to get richer and the poor poorer. It is an untenable situation.The middle class was always responsible for doing the most in regard to assisting the poor. Now the middle class is shrinking as they become the new poor…

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  10. Oh dear kate this is so true. I even read someone that the combined wealth of the some of the world’s wealthiest men could actually put an end to poverty worldwide.
    From where i am you will see the difference. We have the very rich and yet you can see from just afar the very poor. 😊

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