woke this morning to find youth had fled
left gazing at a more mature woman instead
the same sparkly blue green eyes twinkled
but character lines are etched and wrinkled

the heart still young but the body slowing
why had youth deserted unknowing
greyed too young from child protection dread
henna transformed me into a sassy red-head

aging naturally renders me invisible
but the alternative is unthinkable
sorry but it does leave me cynical
I am grateful my life is so liveable

don’t leave it too late
or sit waiting for fate

no time to be sedate
this is the best state

for invisibility allows more 
flexibility to address my core
purpose, it opens the door
I have more time to soar

wrote this ages ago … no idea why I didn’t post it!


    • gracefully … no no no you’ve got it all wrong!

      We need to age disgracefully, being invisible, no expectations now is the time to be utterly disgraceful 🙂


  1. Extremely accurate observation. When you look in the mirror, you can see the passage of time, but that’s the way it is. Someone on the street bowed and told me: Do you remember how we were playing in the sand together? I didn’t remember that.

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  2. So many of us can relate to this! Wonderful poem, SweetKate!
    As we get more well-seasoned we will continue to soar. We might soar a bit slower, but we will still soar! 😉 🙂 Slower soarers see more, and experience more, than fast soarers! 😉
    A lot of people don’t take the time to really see well-seasoned people, but from little girl on up, I always thought the well-seasoned people were the most interesting and most fun! I always “adopted” people to be my grandmas and grandpas. 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  3. I have always tried to live simply. Not much into make-up and hair dies or fashion.
    I like who I am, even if I am not ‘lime lit’ so to speak. I remember when I did more; belonged to more groups – it was stressful a schedule I am glad to not have anymore.

    Age is truly just a number that other people seem to rely on. Young at heart, being there for those who really need me is one of my greatest joys. I leave distasteful drama to those who still have not realized that negativity shortens their life and ability to live. At least that’s what I see.

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  4. The older I get the more I like the skin I’m in. Also the wider the divide between the outer age and the inner age – I sometimes need to remember that I can’t physically do what I did with such ease at 15~

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  5. I’m not sure…. about ageing…… I’ve had a few comebacks over the years……. for me it’s not an ageing process……. now I wake up and say hello to my next new day….. rain hail or shine……over the years, my age went pass me 3 times …. 30 years ago, then 20 years ago, the again last year……my old age flew away yesterday……. my new age is alive today under my verandah shade, ……. maybe I’ll write another poem tomorrow…… 😎💛🌏🌤


  6. This is gorgeous… the youth is always there in the sparkle. Youth is more of a nature and outlook I think, though being that I’m still a kid I can’t really know…
    Love, light, and glitter

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