Friday Fun – fabulous

so many things in life are absolutely fabulous
but I’ve no idea what YOU find fabulous

please share your idea of fab in pics or creative writing,
this will be a fab fun one!

then post your link here and check out what others find fab …


pic is an art emporium which recycles metal bits into creative masterpieces
I didn’t get inside as it was shut the day I found it 
but the art examples outside were most impressive! Recycled art is fab!
thanks again to Deb for this weeks prompt … feel free to  suggest a prompt 


  1. I’ve always liked Steam Punk… I watched a show called ‘The Wild, Wild West’ I think it was long before Steam Punk had a name or a following. But I don’t have any items.

    As for other fabulous things. Just breathing and seeing the nature out my window is a high priority. 🙂

    I’m a bit behind to offer anything new to a prompt. But thanks for yours 🙂

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