arising dread

won’t let my dread rise to a head
joy radiates from gratitude
no need to bleed I’ve often said
won’t let dread rise to a head
best to read or have a good feed
then review my own attitude
won’t let dread rise to a head
let joy arise from gratitude

d’Verse, almost a triolet, Frank



      • Been busy again Kate, but here i am trying to squeeze in some time again blogging.. double the fact that we have had several csses of Covid 19 here already so i take extra time to personally send to and from my kids to wherever they go instead of taking the public transpo. Two.of my daughters were sick for a while too.

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  1. “(A) good feed.” Certainly, Kate! Thus, you’ve provisioned yourself admirably. (Naturally, I’d focus on that particular aspect, wouldn’t I?)

    In common with your writing, each phrase supplies the reader with a wealth of inspiration. A good feed – nourishing, tasty, satisfying. A healthy meal would supply this sustenance, of course, as would all manner of nutrition, both physical and mental.

    What treats have Chef Kate prepared for us today?

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  2. Gratitude is everything. When we see the beauty in the world around us and in others, life is altogether different. Love the photograph…such serenity. Your poem catches that sunbeam of hope…we must continuously celebrate each beam of light that crosses our path.

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