pain or gain

life can be a drain
some need meds for pain
or simply to stay sane

don’t linger with disdain
or wallow in the strain
no use to complain

transform hardship to gain
this may go against the grain
but please let me explain

none are innate stain
let me refrain
not naturally in our vein

harmful thoughts we can restrain
healthy attitude will nourish and sustain
but persistent effort is plain

in order to train our brain
once conquered we will remain
calm empowering kindness to refrain

let harm and anger wane
for if we let them reign
then all will be in vain

don’t be like calamity Jane
learn now how to train
and let loving kindness rain!

once we’ve tamed our mind we are more able to observe life
like a train passenger rather than engaging in the drama!


  1. A splendid construction, Kate! Each set imparting a valuable lesson, and building delight until we reach the powerful apogee. What a finale!

    Must reveal, though, that when I saw the picture, and noted the rhyming scheme, I thought I knew where we were headed.

    Wrong! Though perhaps the train’s presence is more symbolic, representing the smooth, comforting progress your vision inspires.

    Even so, a tale of rail adventure would be most welcome one of these weeks or another!

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    • lol you must have missed my soap box bit about NSW rail … our railway is quite dysfunctional! No real joy there altho our more than 50 year old decrepit carriages do follow some stunning coast line I’ve been doing it too many years to sincerely appreciate it! Plus I have to endure a minimum of three train changes …
      Am about to embark on a long road trip, something else I haven’t done in ages 🙂

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  2. Loved your Final stanza Jane
    “don’t be like calamity Jane
    learn now how to train
    and let loving kindness rain!”

    Yes there’s always pain
    But that’s part of life’s gains

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    • I like that we both took train rides and wrote about it from our perspectives, like looking out a window, at the same thing but each person seeing something different. isn’t life amazing!

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  3. Wonderful flow, great rhyme, important message! 🙂
    I heard a famous person say, recently, to a huge audience in an auditorium, and to an even bigger audience via TV, “Tomorrow you will get the opportunity to be kind to someone. Take it. We need more kindness in the world.” 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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