all gain and pain is transient
nothing is permanent
spring follows winter
death follows life

I have little control
over most of it
except my attitude
to ups and downs

a choice to smile or frown
a choice to whine or praise
a choice to wallow or proceed
these choices have a ripple effect

on all those who surround me
my mental attitude impacts
let my joy for life not tax
for it is contagious when I wax

about how
each struggle taught me
each hardship was my lesson
each joy healthier shared

for whatever bothers me today
will be gone tomorrow
can’t wallow in sorrow
life is here to live now

so when doubt or fear arises
know it won’t linger long
look for the positives be strong
for we aren’t really here for long

d’Verse, impermanence, Merril – and another post on impermanence