people ask who I am
never sure what to say

trying to peel off my mask
hope I’m up to the task

like onions I may not appeal
yet layers we all need to unpeel

will assert great zeal
to see what I reveal

d’Verse, quadrille ‘peel’, Mish, 44 words … sorry second attempt missed that!


    • Hi Kate, here’s the poem I’m working….. so you’re getting a sneak preview….. I’m not allowed to publish until after it’s first posted on the Go Dog Go Cafe site……so here you are the world debut at ‘calmkate’

      In the Light Of Night

      Mum, what I see is really real
      I’m not a walrus or a seal
      This night’s sky’s glowing and alive
      Clear as yesterday’s midday drive
      Look up there, through the old red gum
      I’m not making things up Mum!

      Look up there, where blackness was a sea
      The man in the moon was laughing at me
      Then I saw his hungry moon eat the dark
      And spit out the stars as red bark

      Don’t worry son, I’ll stay with you tonight
      The angry bushfires have turned on their sky lights

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  1. Your poem has a beautiful flow and it makes me feel so many emotions!
    It’s wonderful when we have people in our lives we are so comfortable with we can unpeel those most sensitive layers. 🙂
    Great write, Kate!
    Beautiful photo! Those clouds are doing their own thing and creating such a beautiful masterpiece in the blue sky! 🙂

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  2. What an interesting comparison to onion layers. The portable meaning of words adds charm and colors to the poem.
    Man sometimes has to protect himself, which is why he does not reveal himself.

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  3. Great poem Kate. We all wear layers to one degree or another for a huge host of reasons. growth for us though, begins as we work a removing layers to reveal the wonderful creation that each one of us is. Much like peeling an onion though, there can and usually is a few tears involved.

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  4. Nice poem, Kate, as you illuminate a happy place we all would like to reach.

    It’s a tough task, though, as we must divest ourselves of the expectations others have layered on us, and also of those we accumulated ourselves. Often, the most formidable disguises are those we adopt to hide from ourselves.

    Once we disassembles those, the others will follow.

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