we value many things such as life
being happy, avoiding strife
but how many of us know
what seeds we actually sow

all beliefs, sports and groups
have basic rules of operation
guides on how to cooperate
or what behaviours to abandon

rules exist for good reason
be sure to learn them this season
as not knowing is treason
they outline what is expected

rules are to minimise harm
and advocate harmony
abide in serenity or fall …
the consequences are our call

all faiths and clubs have rules
commandments or disciplines
not vastly different, all are guidelines
helpful for our personal life

any vows taken are best kept
if one aspires to be an adept
the inner peace they provide
one can never hide

society and individuals
need morals to function
infractions have a ripple effect
so maintain vows and rules with respect!

27.01.07 –d’Verse, OLN, Lillian