we value many things such as life
being happy, avoiding strife
but how many of us know
what seeds we actually sow

all beliefs, sports and groups
have basic rules of operation
guides on how to cooperate
or what behaviours to abandon

rules exist for good reason
be sure to learn them this season
as not knowing is treason
they outline what is expected

rules are to minimise harm
and advocate harmony
abide in serenity or fall …
the consequences are our call

all faiths and clubs have rules
commandments or disciplines
not vastly different, all are guidelines
helpful for our personal life

any vows taken are best kept
if one aspires to be an adept
the inner peace they provide
one can never hide

society and individuals
need morals to function
infractions have a ripple effect
so maintain vows and rules with respect!

27.01.07 –d’Verse, OLN, Lillian


  1. All that I could have said, has already been said! Rules are the skeleton on which the society stands but some rules, over a period of time, have lost relevance. But your poem is very relevant, Kate. 🙂

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  2. Rules are made by rulers. Love is made by lovers. The two meet, and sometimes break each other down. Two rules only, Love God, Love your neighbor (which is God). Everything else is politics. I have broken every rule I knew, becasue the rules, particularly: Thou art a man, and are doomed to be so time immemorial- was killing me. To live I had to break every vow, excpet the one to live in the first place, those I love either bleed or rejoice at what I have done and who I am, it is a choice and a difficult one. And society? well… not so calm. Everything else is just politics, nevertheless they are a powerful quake and current, the respect is well advised, lest you are drowned or buried by them. Which is a thing. This is a nice poem, as long as it is willing to break its own rules. 😉

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  3. Sadly a lot of rules are just paying lip service to ideals that would be very helpful but these rules and regulations are not enforced and therefore never achieve what they set out to achieve.

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    • unhealthy rules invented just to control should be broken … I’m referring to core guidelines that keep society chugging along more calmly 🙂
      Interesting link which is talking about the more mundane … I’m confused Anna, your blog has a photo of a man?


  4. Point to be noted, Kate. Rules are required for adhering to whatever we want to do or wherever we want to go otherwise everything will be chaos. There are many youngsters today who do not like rules but there has to be no harshness to rules but in order to lead a steady we must have rules in our society.

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  5. I agree about keeping the balance with rules and vows, but it is important that we teach children from a young age about the importance of rules and vows. It’s so easy to say that we promise something, and promises are so easy to break.

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  6. Excellent truth in your poem, Kate! And so timely for our world today!
    It takes a LOT to upset me…but I get frustrated with people who think they are above the rules, and by being this way..they think they are above the rest of us, too. 😦
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…Love that photo! Oh, so pretty, little birdie!

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  7. vows taken are best kept, yes, but those whose word isn’t worth the air the breathed out while saying it … well, their vows mean little. It is those who refuse to call them on it who are the real vow-breakers then.

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  8. Well said, and this is something that has to be understood and accepted by all. More often, we see those not following the rules ridiculing those who are meticulously following them. This is not going to help serve the purpose at all… love the post

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  9. Rules buttress civilization’s structure.

    Too many of them, especially if they’re too rigid, and they deprive society of the flexibility it needs. Eventually, unrelieved, it suffocates.

    Do away with too many rules, though, and society collapses, crushing millions beneath it.

    We may (and do) quibble about what’s “too rigid” or “too few,” but a healthy society balances the two.

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  10. rules, boundaries, limitations, society needs them, but I do in some ways agree with Glenn, there’s no respect for that anymore and some rules cause more hurt than help. One needs wisdom and discernment to choose and follow, a very good post Kate, i enjoyed this

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  11. Very well said kate and if only these things are being taken seriously by everybody then there would be less chaos. Rules are very important and it should be respected, however most if not all no longer abide by the rules nor even respect it. As a parent i always makes sure my kids understand the importance of obeying simple rules and duties at home, in that way they will be able to easily follow bigger rules when they are outside our home.

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  12. Your points are well taken, but we live in a time where rules are disrespected and trod upon, and for me the rules of a cult, or many religions are ridiculous diatribes, and I could never follow them. Though I dig the green hats that say MAKE AMERICA KIND AGAIN.

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    • thanks Glen .. fanatics ruin it for everyone! Most of them make sense … eg not killing or stealing yet so many religions have done just that … hypocrisy is alive 😦
      let’s be kind 🙂


  13. I was raised by wolves, so I’ve had to learn about unspoken rules the hard way. I don’t like them as I prefer to be blunt and not bat around the bush. I’m, thus, an outcast now for life. This is a lovely poem.

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  14. Most rules are there for a reason. As long as they don’t hurt you too. Rules can be broken too. In judaism all rules have to be kept and there are 3 that trump all – human life is the main thing. To save a human you can do anything but adultery and idolatry. To save even means take away the pain of an I’ll person etc. Rules are useful. They’re necessary for harmony. And are good. As long as they aren’t misused. Sorry, should stop ranting here!
    Love, light, and glitter

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