if we don’t condemn unhealthy behaviour
then we are condoning it
yes agreeing that it’s acceptable!

this week a man drowned his wife by
driving their car into a river

another incinerated his ex and three
cute little toddlers

media bang on about a monster
others mourn a man with mental health

Two women a week are murdered by him [news article]
countless children never finished school

fact is society condones murder as a
ready fix-it for troubled relationships

the first was having an affair with his masseur
the second couldn’t bear rejection

but police and courts knew of these threats
and stood by as it unfolded ….

until society accepts responsibility
and condemns such murders

until law enforcers start to enforce our laws
until we keep our vulnerable safe

this is escalating as is sexual assaults
as they rarely bear any consequences

action avoided
uneasy that it could be them

sentences considerably lighter
than most murderers

yet women who kill in defence
rot in goal on long sentences

the gender imbalance persists
the damage is permanent!

Family Domestic Violence
must become Freedom Due to Volition ….

freedom to live safely
protected in their own home

freedom to enjoy a rural drive
without the threat of being drowned

freedom to drive the kids to school
without fear of incineration

it starts in tiny little ways
put downs constant frowns

control monitoring bullying threats
then escalates rapidly once they escape to safety

why do we allow this to keep rerunning
why don’t we do more to cherish our kids

since when did family become possessions
to dispose of when and how it feels fit

my heart churns with anguish
that society isn’t really trying to resolve this

partners gunned down in their own bathroom
he claimed it was an intruder …

we’ve read the headlines
but these are daughters, sisters, children

who deserved a chance at life
not constant anguish and violent strife

d’Verse, OLN, Lillian, Grace

NB the lead detective has just been stood down from the incineration case for making ‘victim blaming’ comments … he must have been “driven too far” … this is the attitude of most authorities, that it’s their fault!  When is it ever right to burn your family alive … really

saying that women should leave [she had]; change the laws; protest; teach self-worth and get them to leave = victim blaming.  This implies women haven’t been campaigning for decades, that they have the wealth, options, skills to pack 3 kids up and start a completely new life off the radar .. we think they may be safe then … think again ex-husbands hunt them down and kill them.  This is why they are rationally very scared to leave … we need to know that it’s deadly!
One guy killed his two kids and left them for her to find knowing that they were her life … she suicided 18 months later .. how is this acceptable? One grandfather shot his wife, daughter and her three teens … is it because we watch too much death on tv and have become numb?

another very relevant article … we stopped coward punches [7 deaths /year] but there is NO reaction to stop DV which kills 129/year .….

      Men need to man up and pressure other men that murder is never okay!