my family and I rattle about
in a packet on a shelf
waiting for life
and liberation free of strife

she gently lifts us out
one by one
plants us firmly in the soil
plenty of water and hot sun

I am thriving as I lift
my face up to that sun
I worship as if we were one
others not so blessed

stunted grow wont let
them thrive
but most of us grow
to survive

as a miniature I
have many sunny faces
all joyfully directing
our adoring gaze

towards that warming sun
we will bask and glow
for our kate’s show
then slowly we will

fall into a very deep
slumber composted
into her mulch to
fertilise her new batch

for this is the cycle
of life … most of our
cousins prefer the
cooler climate to flower

but we thrive in this
intense heat as it
feeds our need for sun
our cheerful colour brings fun

d’Verse, to be a flower, Linda
my photo fifteen minutes ago …
this one opened just as Linda was posting this prompt!
you can see the other heads coming just below the flower
… more pics as they unfold