Hitching is something I’ve done too often mostly out of necessity and also easier transport. Did wait for hours but that’s suspicious New Zealanders for you. Met fascinating characters or plain lonely ones. Have a store of hilarious memories and outrageous stories for sure.

One lady wanted me to mind her hyperactive child while she took my partner off for a quickie. Or when the airport bus didn’t arrive and I had to hitch more than a hundred kilometres with luggage for six months overseas. One guy was so drunk it was safer I drove.

Only met two weirdos and I leaped out of their cars quick when the conversation turned smutty.

But those who have doubts or fears should never try it coz ‘there are moments caught between heart-beats’. As you attract what you put out and trouble will find you no doubt.

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  1. I haven’t hitched for years, Kate, not since I was pregnant with my daughter forty years ago; we had no money and I had to get from County Meath to Dublin for my antenatal check-ups – and then for the birth! I enjoyed your real-life hitching anecdotes, which reminded me that there is so much life outside of my little study where I write and the village where I live – and a certain amount of danger too!

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  2. Lovely. This definitely brought out my own memories. And you articulated so beautifully why some people aren’t cut out for hitching. I always had a naive certainty in the goodness of people, and I always had great experiences. And I have friends who didn’t listen to their intuitive nudges and found out the hard truth “as you attract what you put out and trouble will find you no doubt.”

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  3. I think ‘hitching’ was much safer in year (decades) past. I wouldn’t do it now.
    It is one thing to walk a known road and take a ride with someone you know.
    You were lucky you only had to escape a few weirdos.

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  4. I never have hitched, but back in the Kerouac 50’s, it seemed cool. I have picked up a few hitchers, usually gifting them with a free meal at a diner.

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  5. Wild adventures in hitchhiking! 😮
    Good advice about not hitchhiking…’Tis a different time today, for sure! 🙂
    Did it a few times in college…mostly when my car broke down. Only had good experiences.
    And we picked up a few hitchers and were kind to them and just gave them a ride. 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    Policeman pulls a car over on the highway.
    “You can’t just let your dog drive your car!” says the policeman, to the man in passenger’s seat.
    “I can’t really say anything, sir…I’m just an hitchhiker.” 😀 😛

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  6. you live dangerously Kate! I would never hitch hike or was ever in a situation to do so. This confirms my fears, its a mad world out there, weirder than fiction.

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  7. I was walking in snow and my shoes kept coming off. They were getting stuck in the snow. A strange woman yelled at me to get into her car, and I was like, no way. She didn’t take no for an answer and blocked me, so I got into her car and decided my fate was in heaven’s hands. She took me home and was quite nice. I hitch hiked from a hospital once. I stood on the corner and waited for cars turning. A woman drove me home. I’ve picked up people before when it was raining and such. I scared one girl when I turned up the music. Hitch hiking isn’t as common as it used to be.

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    • lol my parents wouldn’t collect me from the station about thirty miles so that’s how it all started. They’d tell me not to hitch with local tradies they knew as they didn’t want locals to know …?


  8. I was smiling as i read it. You made “hitching” seemed so wonderful. I have never tried it. Growing up, i was told to never talk to strangers much more ride along with a stranger lol. But yours is such a wonderful adventure..

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  9. Thanks for letting me know my post inspired this!! 🤩 I’d be keen to hear more in depth about those stories as it definitely would’ve been a wild experience on the road like that. Thanks so much for sharing

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  10. Oh my. You’ve captured the dangers, magic, creepy, fun, and many other descriptive words of what hitchhiking can be. Have never done it as I’ve always been afraid of the results!

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  11. I hitched a few times when I was younger and had a few hairy moments but nothing too scary. Don’t think I’d do it today, I’m not quite as carefree as I was back then. 😌

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