Cheryl …

Cheryl was a typical girl
reared to find a husband
so she could rear his kids
feed clean and be his servant
and he would earn the income

girls are programed for this
they expect no more
best if they have no brains
or original thoughts
fit the presentable mould

then find they’re bored or
disappointed a chattel to serve
hold nothing back in reserve
put down told off manipulated
rigid demands on limited budget

never physically abused
but often a subject of amuse
her wages keep them, he
hoards each dollar and controls
three kids but mother to four

as resentment and dissatisfaction
build she finds herself isolated
best to stay put for the kids sake
they need their father altho
he seldom gives quality time

Cheryl feels unworthy
amusing herself online
her input never valued
sure some have compatible
marriages others prefer

another existence
yet stereo types go
unquestioned the
Cheryl’s too docile
controlled by expectations …

sure this is not every woman’s lot
but give a hoy if you’d like some others like this …
sampling different kinds of relationships


      • But I assure that countless folks in almost every part of Pakistan love and respect their women wholeheartedly. They are even allowed to pursue their careers, after getting married and having kids.

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          • From what I’ve seen here, sharing of duties is kind of like 55/45 on the scale.
            Man is still in-charge but in the times of need, those charging duties shift on the other side.

            Take my example: Except for breast feeding part during my son’s early years, I took care of every little need of his.
            Preparing milk for him, putting him to sleep, giving bath to him, changing his clothes, washing him up on the toilet, teaching him how to use the toilet, teaching him how to eat food on his own, teaching him how to change his clothes on his own and so much more.

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            • wow that’s super great Hammad, my brother brought up his three kids as his wife preferred to work. Bet you cook, clean house and wash too, that’s real liberation for your wife, thanks heaps!

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  1. A woman needs to stand for herself. They are taggedd to have no brains by men because of submitting to others needs than hers. Personally every woman should nurture herself to be strong enough to stand alone.

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  2. Some may say this is too much of a fiction but as Gina said, i interviewed women who had suffered abuse and violence (for my book) and some of them, though were not abuse physically, were like Cheryl. And sadly most of them like Cheryl stayed in the marriage because of the children.

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      • You are definetely correct by saying lack of self worth kate. And this could be associated from the fact that in some countries and cultures women don’t really have much opportunities. I remembered back when i was still teaching my femae students would tell me they wanted a degree in medicine or engineering (these degrees are very expensive) but they can’t do it because their parents would say “nahh you dont need to be an engineer or a doctor, you’ll get married anyway, and then you’ll end up in the house for the rest of your life”…my heart bleeds for them and the least that i can always tell them is, finish the course your parents want and then get a job and finance your own dream of becoming an engineer or a doctor, prove them wrong”.

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  3. Even though times have changed, women are still taught (by the example of their mothers who learned from their grandmothers, who learned from their mothers ad infinitum) to be the care givers and home makers. And the men they marry are taught the same way to have a certain expectation. In these “enlightened” times where there is a supposed partnership, too often the labor in the home is not evenly divided women take on 90% and the men do 10%… it will take many generations before the labor reaches 50-50.

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  4. stranger than fiction some would say. Life stories are similar but never the same. Mich interviewed many women here and we met up the last time she related the depth of her research for her book. Every life matters and their story is unique.

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