Cheryl was a typical girl
reared to find a husband
so she could rear his kids
feed clean and be his servant
and he would earn the income

girls are programed for this
they expect no more
best if they have no brains
or original thoughts
fit the presentable mould

then find they’re bored or
disappointed a chattel to serve
hold nothing back in reserve
put down told off manipulated
rigid demands on limited budget

never physically abused
but often a subject of amuse
her wages keep them, he
hoards each dollar and controls
three kids but mother to four

as resentment and dissatisfaction
build she finds herself isolated
best to stay put for the kids sake
they need their father altho
he seldom gives quality time

Cheryl feels unworthy
amusing herself online
her input never valued
sure some have compatible
marriages others prefer

another existence
yet stereo types go
unquestioned the
Cheryl’s too docile
controlled by expectations …

sure this is not every woman’s lot
but give a hoy if you’d like some others like this …
sampling different kinds of relationships