competing priorities

with so many competing priorities
I’ve had to scale back my interests
family/friends first
daily contemplation a must
slow and detailed as time permits
or compacted to compromise
daily chores a dull necessity

then the rest can compete
for my time and energy
volunteering a drive or visit
movie or a Friday debate
seldom stay up very late
these are icing on the cake
only if time permits ….

see far too many burn themselves
out trying to fit it all in
no compromise as they pack
an impossible schedule in
no time to breath or just be
frantically racing about
I get so exhausted wondering

what it’s all about ….


  1. I operate on crash and burn. I am super busy for a time then go into hibernation afterwards. I need to work on moderation. You agree with Einstein at least; one should stop and smell the flowers.

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  2. In retirement I have all the time in the world. We decided to see a movie today and then stopped at he grocery to see if there were any deals. No pressure! Tomorrow is a little busy but that’s only because of Sparky’s post-op doctor’s visit!

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  3. Right on, Kate! Poem is great…it’s message vital!
    Why roar through life like a freight train, when we can enjoy life like a leisurely bike ride or good-paced-walk. 😉
    It took me awhile, but I learned to say “No” to some of the big and little things people wanted me to do, lead, fix, finish, teach, start, fund, etc., at home, work, volunteer work, community work, etc. 🙂 When I finally learned “no”, life became better in every way…but especially health-wise…mental, emotional, and physical. 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    • thanks for sharing your important lesson Carolyn, you say it so well … saying ‘no’, having boundaries were all part of my initial training … people expect me to be a pushover, just don’t go too far!

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  4. Important and potent poem, Kate. This is our world today where everyone has become like a Robot and no one has time to themselves. Today our world has been taken over by new and new gadgets and who knows where we all are heading.

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  5. Some life choices are limited. The bills have to be paid. I’ve stopped though being involved in things that don’t bring me joy. That alone frees up oodles of time 🙂

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  6. The choice, it seems, is between doing a modest number of things well, or many things poorly. Easy decision, right?

    Not really. We are aspirational, which means we strive. Not to mention the immense pressure others exert on us to do it all. “Hey, unless you do it all, you’re not living life to its fullest.” Or so they say.

    That’s where the meditation you practice, Kate, restores a more relaxed perspective. It stills some of the voices, both internal and external, urging you to exhaustion. Bumping the volume down a few bars leaves more happiness, both for you and for others.

    An accomplishment worthy of a Life Coach, Kate!

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  7. A wise poem. He teaches that common sense should be used in everything. Not only limit work, but also visits to family and friends. I have a rule that I spend one day a month visiting, the rest of the days are for me. You need to take care of your peace and health.

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  8. I am happy i am not alone with this kind of journey..i learned to let go of anything that doesnt give me joy or happiness ..over the years i was the kind and generous “call me anything” person, not anymore. And it feels so good to say no or i cant or even be mad and be angry.

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  9. Excellent poem…such wise words. We must strike a careful balance in all that we hope to accomplish. Time set apart to nourish our souls is so important. We need time for prayer and contemplation. The art of daydreaming should not be a lost art; being lost in the moment does not mean that you are lost. Living well means savoring the magic to be found in the everyday circumstances where we find ourselves. You are so right Kate…priorities with our time is essential.

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