ancient culture

I come from the oldest living culture
65,000 years of rich vibrant living
sacred land sacred rocks [Uluru]
where songlines and dreamtime
pass on our oral history and lore
ancient rock art adds volume
corroborees and walk about
we hunt and forage for food
live in camps or overhangs
respecting our country our culture

in just 230 years the colonisers
have raped, poisoned slaughtered
us enslaved by govt and church
stolen land and generations
tried to extinguish our culture
classified as flora and fauna
only recently allowed to vote
bigotry so perversely pervasive
no health or education but incarceration
no respect for our rich ancient culture

slowly given some land rights
but still no permission to build
or farm chinese see an advantage
as they finance our legal battles
we will grow their crops and swear
allegiance unaware of the CP plot
our art and culture more respected
abroad insulted and ignored by locals
laws supposedly make us equal but
with no respect bias is wickedly subtle

d’Verse, Black History, HA


  1. I love the aborigine artwork. So beautiful. I find it sad how this lovely culture has been treated. As in our country, people often want to go out out of their way to destroy those and that not like them. Beyond sad.

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    • they have it very tough but made big inroads with a recent court decision … they were trying to deport some but as the oldest living culture the court recognised their connection to country and blocked it!

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  2. I love the opening stanza, in which you offer us history and culture, so old it blows my mind. I agree, it’s rich and vibrant, and I love to read and hear about it, when I get the chance, being so far away. The second stanza made me feel sad and angry. Colonialism has tried to extinguish so many cultures, and has sometimes succeeded, but culture is strong and can be passed down in secret, ready for its revival.

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    • Kim church and govt have stolen generations, and still are of children from their family and their country … putting them in the care of white families, it’s hard to pass culture down when they are scattered and alienated!

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  3. In the US, we’re imprisoning the Hispanics who just want a better life, which is sad. Many will never see their parents again, and it’s not the first time. Andrew Jackson, a President way back when, made the Natives walk the “trail of tears” away from a state that even the supreme court stated was theirs. It’s amazing what a little gold will do. What is your opinion of Lisa Gerrard?

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  4. Beautiful photo!
    Powerful poem!
    Your writing is important, SweetKate! You give voice to things, and peoples, who can’t always speak up. Your writing always makes me think, feel, and act (actions where I can do/take them to help others), etc. Your writing, also, challenges me in so many good ways! Thank you! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  5. I am a melting pot as far as heritage. But with that I can relate to many different people. This is the same as what happened to the Native Americans with colonization of North America. It is a shameful part of our nation’s history…

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    • trouble here is that it hasn’t stopped, nor has it in Canada … two supposedly progressive countries that treat the traditional landowners despicably, animals are better protected 😦


  6. powerful! written with a pen dipped in ancient blood. I am reading an Australian author and his writing is visceral and haunting, your poem today has much similarity to his style. Thomas Keneally – Shame and the Captives.

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    • he has written some very profound books “The Devil’s Playground” and “Shindler’s List” … doubt I write anything like him, I’m too blunt … prefer the poetry you girls and Ivor write but still mine come out blunt …

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      • yes I read those too and never realised he was Australian till I went to Melbourne and asked at a book shop for books from a local author. was pleasantly surprised! you are too humble Kate, you may feel your poetry is blunt but it is actually straightforward and precise. Mine’s very fluffy!

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