I come from the oldest living culture
65,000 years of rich vibrant living
sacred land sacred rocks [Uluru]
where songlines and dreamtime
pass on our oral history and lore
ancient rock art adds volume
corroborees and walk about
we hunt and forage for food
live in camps or overhangs
respecting our country our culture

in just 230 years the colonisers
have raped, poisoned slaughtered
us enslaved by govt and church
stolen land and generations
tried to extinguish our culture
classified as flora and fauna
only recently allowed to vote
bigotry so perversely pervasive
no health or education but incarceration
no respect for our rich ancient culture

slowly given some land rights
but still no permission to build
or farm chinese see an advantage
as they finance our legal battles
we will grow their crops and swear
allegiance unaware of the CP plot
our art and culture more respected
abroad insulted and ignored by locals
laws supposedly make us equal but
with no respect bias is wickedly subtle

d’Verse, Black History, HA