fulfilled #d’Verse

when I follow
my passion
I feel fulfilled
time out
breathe deep
calm envelopes

life too busy
with so many
competing priorities
sanity needs
space to breath
and just be …

devices off
empty myself
this is life
full of love
quiet fills

d’Verse, 44 words with fill, De Jackson


  1. Yes… for sure Kate….. my courtyard verandah area, is little haven every day…. rain, hail or shine… dressed or undressed…. me and my shadow time…….here’s my 10 mins worth this morning…. while I’m pedalling Yorkie…..

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  2. I think I’m fortunate Kate… Here I am under my verandah again, having lunch, listening to sounds of nature, and enjoying my courtyard privacy and my today’s chosen solitude 🌏😏

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  3. Having time for deep thinking is one of the things I love about retirement! I can set aside time and not worry about interruptions or keeping a schedule!


  4. Yes, so important!
    Love the photo and your poem! Sigh-worthy!
    We must find that balance, for every day of our lives, that helps us be the best we can be…inside and out! 🙂
    I like the cold months of the year…they seem to say…slow down, breath, rest, think, feel, etc. 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  5. I was watching a show about controlled breathing – up breathing… Filling your lungs –
    being relaxed enough (without movement) to then practice holding your breath before your brain says ‘Hey, I need air!’ The one gal held her breath underwater for 2 minutes. The instructor/guide was saying that the record for holding ones’ breath was 12 minutes! I looked and couldn’t find anything not related to childbirth for up breathing. But I am sure it is related to calm breathing techniques 🙂

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