Posting this due to several requests for an update since I planted my garden at the beginning of an incredibly hot summer. Please remember that we’ve had intense heat and rigid water restrictions so it’s not all good news. And I sincerely believe that I only have some good news due to the recent rainfall.

Passionfruit cuttings, none survived.

Ginger, planted two pieces on Keith’s advice and one has germinated!

garden - 1 (1)
Snow peas, planted 3 and 3 germinated, one is just surviving while one has contorted itself to reach the northern side of my wall of wheels. Unsure if it will bear any fruit, it certainly hasn’t flowered yet.

garden - 4
Sunflowers, planted seven seeds, five germinated …
two are thriving but three under partial shade are stunted.
This photo clearly shows that … sunflowers need full sun to thrive!
garden - 2 (1)
Sweet peas, spied a bird stealing my seeds very soon after planting but several eventually germinated. This one seems determined to grow while another is struggling.
garden - 1 (2)
Did replant most of these later three to better positions in this dramatic weather, and we know replanting also pays a toll.

Those two sunflowers will definitely flower and as they, or any of the others do, I will post pics. The lavender, daisy, jade, native groundcovers and aloe vera were all well established prior to our heat wave. Mint is flowering and parsley is being eaten regularly.