Recently did a road trip to visit a friend, three hours each way. I noted that some drove well below the speed limit but once an overtaking lane appeared they suddenly accelerated to exceed the speed limit. They were most determined that nobody should pass them.

Then once the overtaking lane finished they returned not to just five or ten km below the speed limit but in some cases 25 kms below.

While truck and other more experienced drivers sat on the speed limit or just slightly above. Not altering their speed each time an overtaking lane was available.

It struck me that this competitiveness, this need to be first at any price is how some live their life. While others plod along at an even balanced pace, not needing to win. Not needing to be in first place every time … which way do you live?

Weather Update:
Yesterday I tried the back scenic route home but it was flooded. Nobody erects signs so I drove for well over an hour before finding a police tape right across the road. Then had to drive an hour back as all exits were flooded. As one local observed “three weeks ago we were burning, now we are flooded”. The news cameras were there to record the extreme change.

We have gone from severe drought with everything brown to super green flooding! Even the burnt areas are lush green with new growth as our bush needs regular burn off to regenerate …