life in the fast lane

Recently did a road trip to visit a friend, three hours each way. I noted that some drove well below the speed limit but once an overtaking lane appeared they suddenly accelerated to exceed the speed limit. They were most determined that nobody should pass them.

Then once the overtaking lane finished they returned not to just five or ten km below the speed limit but in some cases 25 kms below.

While truck and other more experienced drivers sat on the speed limit or just slightly above. Not altering their speed each time an overtaking lane was available.

It struck me that this competitiveness, this need to be first at any price is how some live their life. While others plod along at an even balanced pace, not needing to win. Not needing to be in first place every time … which way do you live?

Weather Update:
Yesterday I tried the back scenic route home but it was flooded. Nobody erects signs so I drove for well over an hour before finding a police tape right across the road. Then had to drive an hour back as all exits were flooded. As one local observed “three weeks ago we were burning, now we are flooded”. The news cameras were there to record the extreme change.

We have gone from severe drought with everything brown to super green flooding! Even the burnt areas are lush green with new growth as our bush needs regular burn off to regenerate …


  1. your observations lead to contemplation about humans actions and consequences. in Asia we call the fight to be first or the best…”Kiasu” and it leads to all sorts of uncivilised behaviour. Glad for the rains and Australia is resilient, like her people, time to weep is over, now is time to grow.

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  2. I always let the rushers pass me…go around me. I love when they whizz past angrily and then somewhere down the road I see them again and they didn’t get any further any sooner than me even with all of their rushiness! 😀
    The sad thing is sometimes they cause accidents. 😦
    I am so non-competitive in life. Surprising to some, I prefer the back of the room, the last in line, etc, so I can observe everyone else. I learn a lot by listening and observing.
    So sorry to hear about the flooding. 😦 Sadly that happens quite often after fires. 😦

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    • never had them within weeks before, used to them but not known them to come so close together … I imagined you would let them pass, I’ve never been competitive eiher 🙂

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  3. I’ve observed the same thing. Some people just don’t like to be behind.
    I’m sorry about your frustration with flooded roads. It would be helpful to know before you take the route.

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  4. You’re so right about competing. Even when goes to a religious place and there’s a queue, people push to get ahead. Reading your post brought a recent experience I had.
    The fire first and then the rain- it’s scary. Nature is warning us but we turn a dead ear. Though it’s good to know after the devastation, there’s green again.

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  5. What is worse is when there isn’t that extra lane to pass and folks try and pass when they aren’t supposed too. What find funny is that they end up getting caught at a traffic light and didn’t save any time at all getting there. I tend to always get somewhere early. I don’t want to feel rushed and flustered. I don’t think that accomplishes anything. That just may be where I’m at now though… in my semi-retirement. 😉

    If one is stuck in traffic there isn’t a whole lot that can be done. Sorry that no signs were put up for your flooded areas. We have to watch for flash flooding. We’ve a low point at a nearby road – I always take an alternate route when the weather is pouring.

    Are all of the fires out now? I know that some regular burning of brush is good for land. But it has to be carefully monitored. Next week a local children’s group with the help of a local restaurant will be donating (portions of sales for the day) to two places your way to help recovery. Stay safe.

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    • just pray some of that donated money makes it through to the people needing it … NONE has yet! Both govt and charities are not forwarding it … sounds very suspicious to me 😦


        • they are very real so no idea why they are sitting on the cash but it’s not flowing on … maybe it’s so much they have to have loads of board meetings but they are all stockpiling it!

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          • The one fund raiser I was talking about in my area didn’t happen yet. Not until the end of this month… And then who knows how long before the collected monies is transferred. But yes… too many committee meetings tend to hold things up. I’m glad I’m done with that – Been there done that and don’t want the T-shirt reminder. 🙂

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  6. hehe! We refer to that as OZ (Over Zealousness) and my husband’s family has it in spades. They are so very competitive. I really won’t play table tennis with them anymore because they are so very intense! Fortunately they don’t take that on the road.

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  7. As I read this entry, I’m watching the Daytona 500 where young white men drive at reckless speeds and risk death for a chance cash in on the American competitive
    dream. To make things worse, our despicable President is on hand to add his divisive toxicity to this event.

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