Friday Fun – feathered friends

some have chooks or birds for pets, I like to spot them in the wild
but feathered friends bring colour and good cheer

So please share your photos or creative writing about ‘feathered friends’?
then link it here and explore another link to share the fun

my photo of a galah, common over here


  1. What a cutie and so colorful! Looks like he’s thinking. Ha!

    Our most colorful little winter birds are called finches. They flit around so fast it’s difficult to take their photos.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

    PS…I’ll add one of my fav quotes from one of my fav poets of all time and forever… mr. e.e.cummings…I discovered him when I was just a little girl and have loved his words since that time. 🙂

    “may my heart always be open to little birds who are the secrets of living…”
    e.e. cummings

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  2. youngest son took girlfriend to bird park yesterday as part of her birthday treat, she sent me photos, the images of facial expressions and body language spoke a thousand words, the things one will do for love and for others joy, even facing deepest fears of birds and wings!

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