Saturday is the day for me
always wondrously carefree

none of the angst of Monday
or avid anticipation of Friday

no fixed obligations
all options wide open

a day at the beach
or visiting mates

can wash or shop
or lounge and flop

keep it commitment free
so I can just be ….

Saturday is a delightful
free day just for me

Sunday is preparing for the week
another five days before I seek

to wile away a Saturday
it is by far my favourite day

d’Verse, day, Sarah


  1. Fun… every day here is good. I am looking forward to this particular Saturday though – I’ve had to get up early this week to take my grandson into school… Up before the sun for me is not fun. 😉

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  2. Wow nice poem to enjoy Saturday, Kate and as you rightly said Sunday is a day for preparing for a working Monday. I too agree we can do so many things on Saturday. I, my hubby and cousin bro go every Saturday night for dinner and then for a late night movie. Nice poem.

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  3. My favorite day is Thursday. It has none of the pressure of Monday (so much to do) or Friday (so much to wrap up before the weekend). Tuesday is the day when you get caught up and Wednesday is the favorite for meetings and more meetings. The weekends are the days when you have to get all the personal stuff done that you don’t have time for during the week as well as cram in as much “family time” as is humanly possible… So for my money I’ll take a Thursday. It is the day where you get to take a deep breath and relax a little!

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  4. You are wise to make no plans for one day of the week – to just be and do as you please. I am loving being retired, when every day is like that. Such a gift, after decades of working so hard.

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  5. “Saturday, in the park,
    I think it was the Fourth of July…”

    Sounds like you’ve created a happy little world on Saturdays, Kate!

    From the lyrics inaugurating this comment, you obviously aren’t the only one who savors the day.

    My personal favorite is Sunday, though Saturday’s still very much in contention. Point is, it’s the weekend!

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