spring …

Down under with more temperate climates spring is just a date. No dramatic winter to recover from and more a flag that daylight saving and a scorching bushfire season is approaching.

It’s a good growing season before water restrictions and heat fry most living things. I use it as another excuse to spring clean and cull. Anything I’m not using another may need.

approaching spring such
true joy for chilled northerners
heralds here autumn

d’Verse, spring, Frank


  1. I spent 4 months in Australia in winter, which was summer, going north to get warm, and south to cool off; freaked me some–so did right hand driving.

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  2. Love the curated lines from growing to cleaning and preparing for a new season. In your own special way you show a reflection of hemispheres one growing as the other winds down to decay. Your haiku is splendid Kate❤️

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  3. The flip-flop of the seasons makes me a little envious, We’ve had weird weather. Yesterday it got to a high in the 40 F. and today it was in the mid 50 F. Everyone was outside and I’m sure the trees and animals were very confused! If spring is on the way I’d be pleased but I’m not too hopeful!

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  4. You could probably do with a dramatic winter after the terrible tragedy of bushfires, Kate. I hope your autumn comes soon, and that it brings rain, respite and green shoots.

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    • I drove through miles of bushfire affected areas today and the green regrowth has already started … our bush prefers to have regular regeneration, just that too many built in it

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  5. Wonderful to spring clean and share unneeded/unused items with those who need them. 🙂
    I’ve always believed there is plenty in the world, if everyone knew how to share then everyone would be fine.
    Thank you for being a share-er, SweetKate!
    Bestest wishes for all the seasons of your 2020!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  6. How thoughtful (and, of course, typical of you), Kate, to put aside all you’ve been through to send us happy tidings. Well then, gratefully received!

    I’m probably not the only one of your readers who wants to see what your peas are up to nowadays. The progress you’ve recorded so far has been invigorating, but we want more recent updates!

    Plus, you success will inspire us. After all, St. Patrick’s day arrives in five weeks or so, and that’s usually about when the soil has thawed enough to cultivate. Our peas enjoy the bracing cool, don’t you know? Please…give us a goal toward which our legumes may aspire!

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    • lol may be bad news between the intense heat and rigid water restrictions and now I’m away a few days and left my children to the neighbours care … a full update on my return home but 😎

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