Friday Fun – flowers

we all love a bouquet, a flower or a garden …
so let’s brighten up our day by sharing some colourful blooms

post your photographs or creative writing about flowers
in general or one in particular

link it here in the comment section and check out other peoples blooms


  1. Flowers are so beautiful.

    The blogging party post is on my blog please do pop by for a bit. May be twice. The party is taking some time to warm drop you blog link in one visit and next visit visit some other bloggers

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  2. We don’t all want a bouquet, baby
    I’d prefer a beer
    What need have I of flowers
    Whenever you are near?
    There’s a perfume in the atmosphere
    Every time we meet
    A rose by any other name
    Could never smell so sweet

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  3. Beautiful, Kate, both in the way the wall sets of the color and in the way tree trunks frame the bloom.

    Not much here, image-wise, as we’re nearer the Arctic than to the tropics, but our day will come! When it does, flowering peas, nasturtium and nicotiana (and in that order) are dreamt. Check back in June!

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      • It’s always pretty gloomy over here. That’s winter for you.

        Just setting the stage for spring’s glorious return. After half a year of gray, colors and warmth explode. May makes November through April so worth it!

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  4. We’ve had a few cold days… but the temps this week might taunt some flowers. 🙂
    I remember seeing blooms like your photo in a butterfly sanctuary in both Aruba and locally 🙂

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