life is but a dream
one that can be obscene
healthier with gratitude
guided by my attitude

I fantasise
about how things should be
often divorced from reality
awakening can set me free

d’Verse, dreamin, Lillian


  1. I occasionally dive into “how it should be.” Then I realize I don’t have the right awareness or the facts. The American middle class mindset hitting the world is the most interesting.

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  2. Powerful image and poem combo, SweetKate!
    You do live with gratitude and you have a great attitude…
    so keep dreaming, fantasizing, and let the awakening set you free in the ways you want to be free. 🙂

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  3. Oh, we definitely mold our dreamscapes, at least to some extent. Our mind takes our junk drawers, containing the day’s various inputs, and it tries to weave them into a cohesive narrative. Sometimes this effort is more successful than it is at others. Most of the time the story makes no sense. “…and why would penguins carry umbrellas?”

    However, at other times it skirts the profound. Here is where our waking selves come in. When our slumber gifts us with the profound, it’s up to our active lives to make it reality.

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  4. i like how you wrote about life as a dream, a different perspective is always appreciated. awakening can set me free – yes that is the best outcome for me too – blessings for a kind and restful weekend dear Kate

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  5. Amazing illustration! Ah yes….some dreams can really have their own feelings they pass on to us….but then, if we’re dreaming them, are we creating them? Do we have any control over them? If we do, how come some are “nightmares?” And in those cases, waking up can really, indeed, set us free! 🙂

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  6. I truly believe that with a positive attitude that is also respectful of all that is around us that we can succeed in creating a better ‘us’ and world for ‘others’ too.

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